Dublin Simon Community Sure Steps Counselling Service: Volunteer Counsellors / Psychotherapists

Dublin Simon Community Sure Steps Counselling Service is seeking applications for placement part time volunteer Counsellors / Psychotherapists. Potential candidates are required to have completed a minimum two year diploma course in Counselling & Psychotherapy, with 100 clinically supervised client hours.


Dundalk, Co Louth

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Boyne Navigation: Canal Restoration - Skilled & Non-skilled Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to take part in our ongoing work and clean up of the Boyne Navigation, on either the Drogheda or Navan sections. The work comprises of landscaping, litter removal, masonry repairs, carpentry, painting, construction and anything else the project leader directs to be done. No formal practical skill level is needed but would be useful. We also need administrative help.


Drogheda & Navan

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