Carmichael Spring / Summer 2020 Scheduled Training Programme


Carmichael Spring / Summer 2020 Scheduled Training Programme is available to view and for online booking. Click on the individual links below for details of some of the workshops coming up.

Governance and Compliance

Designated Liaison Person (DLP) – Role & Responsibilities
(09.45am to 1.00pm – Wed, 19th Feb 2020)
This half-day session aims to provide an understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Designated Liaison Person (DLP) and the organisational responsibilities in relation to child safeguarding and protection.

The Charities Governance Code
(09.45am to 1.00pm – Wed, 19th Feb 2020)
The Charities Governance Code explains the minimum standards you should meet to effectively manage and control your charity. This workshop will walk you through the requirements of the code including actions and evidence needed to demonstrate compliance.

Complying with ‘other’ legal and regulatory requirements (One hour Seminar with Philip Smith, Partner at Arthur Cox)
(12.00pm to 1.00pm – Tue, 25th Feb 2020)
Please note this seminar does not cover compliance with the Charities Act 2009 specifically. It covers a number of other legal and regulatory obligations but cannot present an exhaustive list for all charities.

Information Technology

Introduction to Word Processing – Microsoft Word
(09.45am to 4.00pm – Tue, 21st Jan 2020)
Suitable for beginners, this course introduces learners to the basics of Microsoft Word. You will gain a good knowledge of the word processing tools available in this Office programme and learn how to work with a variety of document types.

Introduction to Spreadsheets – Microsoft Excel
(09.45am to 4.00pm – Tue, 28th Jan 2020)
Starting with the basics and covering as much material as you are able for, this 1 day course is perfect for those keen to learn how to use spreadsheets efficiently and effectively. You will gain a good knowledge of the tools available for use in Microsoft Excel.

Financial Management

Introduction to Book-Keeping for Charities and other Not-for Profits
(09.45am to 1.00pm – Tue, 11th Feb 2020)
This workshop is intended to equip managers and accounts staff with an understanding of book-keeping and accounting issues that are relevant to their day to day operations so that the accounting records can be kept up to date and provide meaningful information.

SORP requirements for Charities
(09.45am to 1.00pm – Thurs, 27th Feb 2020)
The main areas of SORP requirements for Charities and the responsibilities of the Board of Directors under the Charities Act will be covered.


Event Management Basics
(09.45am to 1.00pm – Tue, 24th Mar 2020)
Event Management Basics is designed for staff and volunteers who have little-to-no experience in running events and want to learn about what goes in to making a successful event – whether it’s a corporate conference or a community exhibition.

Developing a Business Plan
(09.45am to 1.00pm – Tue, 12th May 2020)
This workshop is designed to make business planning accessible to everyone. A business plan is the first step in focusing your ideas, and articulating your vision clearly to people and organisations who can help you along the way.


Workplace Boundaries Training
(09.45am to 1.00pm – Tue, 31st Mar 2020)
This half-day course is designed for front-line staff who interact with vulnerable adults or children on a daily basis. The course will increase the awareness of its participants. It outlines the expectations of a staff member working with vulnerable adults and helps each participant understand where their boundaries stand and where their weak points might be.

Introduction to Group Facilitation Skills
(09.45am to 4.00pm – Fri, 1st May 2020)
This full day workshop will be beneficial for chairs of boards, CEOs leading executive teams, officers engaging in community outreach, education/training and youth workers. This course introduces the five fundamental principles to group facilitation and demonstrates their function and value to help you effectively lead your group sessions.

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