16pf® specialization training, with Selection by Design

Selection by Design is now enrolling for our upcoming psychometric test training in Cattell’s 16pf, 6th edition. Become certified in using this ‘gold standard’ personality trait assessment for selection and development.

Upcoming course: 1 November 2019.
Location: Offices of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Dublin city centre
Pricing: €450

16pf specialization training

Learn how to analyse 16pf (6th ed.) assessment results and incorporate these in employment and career decisions. Interpret trait and competency profiles for use in selection and development. Trainees gain an in-depth understanding of this influential and globally used instrument, and its many applications in the workplace.

This course provides the chance to build practical skills in using the 16pf. Learn how to administer the assessment, interpret score results and construct purpose-specific feedback. Upon course completion, you will be qualified to purchase and use the 16pf.

Who is this training for?

This course is ideal for individuals who wish to include 16pf personality assessment as part of their testing skills and services. The course suits persons working in psychology, guidance counselling, education, organisational consulting, recruitment, human resources and training and development. Training is perfect for students who would like to add certification in the 16pf to their professional qualifications.

The 6th edition of the 16pf is used throughout this course. If you trained on a previous version of the 16pf, this is an excellent chance to update your knowledge and skills!

Selection by Design: Who We Are

Selection by Design is a Dublin-based team of Chartered psychologists who specialise in psychometric testing. We assess and evaluate persons for recruitment, selection, development and growth. Our internationally recognised psychometric training courses lead to accreditation from the BPS and EFPA. We are pleased to now offer training for both occupational and forensic testing. SxD is proud to be the Irish supplier and trainer for Cattell’s 16pf®, the long-standing gold standard of personality assessment.

Training Registration

Register at https://www.selectionxdesign.com/downloads/16pf-specialization-training/

Find out more at our website: www.SelectionxDesign.com

Email: info@selectionxdesign.com

Call: (+353) 01 653 2135

Registration deadline: 28 Oct 2019.


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