The Mindfulness Clinic: Mindfulness and the 12 Steps - Living Recovery, Moment by Moment

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps: Living Recovery, Moment by Moment.

A new 12-week mindfulness programme for clients in recovery from addiction which offers a fresh and creative approach in developing a spiritual path through the Buddhist practice of present moment awareness, acceptance and self-compassion.

Over the course of twelve weeks, participants will learn practices to enhance recovery and understand that the Buddhist teachings are intrinsically intertwined within the 12 Steps. This programme includes the core practices from Mindfulness- Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) and is open to participants with two years sobriety. Commencing Thursday, 19 September from 7pm to 9.30pm for 12 weekly sessions. Cost €450 including workbook, notes, recovery cards, consultation. Further details available from:

Mindfulness Recovery from Addiction

One of the first steps in working with addition is to discover the emotional cause and the dis-ease of the present moment, whether it is fear, trauma, or depression or dissatisfaction with life. On this 12-week programme, learn to apply core teachings from mindfulness, compassion-based approaches, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as these practices are blended and interwoven through the 12 Steps.

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps will provide clients with practices, skills and reflective skills that are accessible, practical and can be used on a daily basis to regulate attention, mood, distress and cravings.

This practical training will help you apply learning and skills to:

  • Understand how Buddhist foundations and practices of mind complements the 12-step recovery process through acceptance and intention for calm, clarity and connectivity.
  • Apply interventions from Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention to manage cravings, moods and negative thinking including the 3-minute SOBER breathing space, urge surfing and right intention.
  • Improve self-compassion and self-care through practical exercises to aid the recovery process.
  • Utilise powerful attachment-based interventions as an effective alternative to the familiar modes of confronting denial that often fails and triggers relapses.
  • Integrate contemplative practices for changing the brain through safely adapting body-based tools like breathing, movement, sensory practices, and visualisation.
  • Engage with the neuroscience of addiction and recovery that helps to rewire the reward circuitry and the importance of attention, emotional regulation and impulse control.

Thursday evenings from Thursday, 19 September for 12 weeks.
The Mindfulness Clinic, 10 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

Presenter: Gerry Cunningham, MIAHIP, MIACP
Cost: €450 including notes, workbook, recovery cards, consultation.
Application: please email for application form. Applicants must be in recovery for more than two years. A meeting and interview with the facilitator will be arranged.
Contact: E: | T: 087-7989 301

The Mindfulness Clinic, 10 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

The Mindfulness Clinic provides specialised training for clients with Bipolar, OCD, and Anxiety. We train mental health professionals in mindfulness-based approaches (Diploma course over 24 months, commencing October, 2019).


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