The Mindfulness Clinic: Certificate in Mindfulness, CBT and Wellbeing

Certificate in Mindfulness, CBT and Wellbeing

Adolescent Skills Training for Guidance Counsellors

Classroom and Individual Applications

Key interventions from CBT, ACT, DBT, Positive Psychology and Neuroscience

Forty-hour programme with supervision/reflective practice commencing Monday, 9 September from 4pm to 9.30pm


The Mindfulness Clinic, Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Dates: 9 September, 7 October, 4 November, 2 December 2019 and 20 January, 10 February, 2 March, 6 April and 11 May 2020. One Monday evening per month from 4pm to 9.30pm.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. In 24 years of being a Guidance Counsellor and attending courses, I have found this one to be of most value, interest, and relevance. I have learned so much that I feel I can use in my practice. It has made me feel more confident in my work but more importantly, it has helped me make changes in my own life. For this I am truly grateful. Thank you. Guidance Counsellor April 2019

Join a group of mental health professionals, guidance counsellors, and educators to explore and learn proven and practical CBT and mindfulness interventions tailored specifically to treat the most frequently occurring emotional and behavioural problems with adolescents and young people.

Complete this forty-hour training and help to teach teenagers how to shift their thinking away from impulsive, thoughtless, and judgemental ways of reacting and teach them to build on the resources they already have. Provide more balanced approaches to responding to life and helping shift the way teenagers perceive and apprise situations as stressful. The programme includes one-to-one interventions for guidance counsellors and a ten-session teaching programme Mindfulness in Transition for secondary schools. This programme draws on the themes of compassion, justice, values, and psychological flexibility.

Each session will include seminar, workshops, teach-back, reflection, interactive learning. The learning style will take the form of lectures, video, case presentations, small group and dyad activities as well as experiential activities and ample time for questions and answers and discussion with colleagues.

Participants on this programme must hold a professional qualification in counselling, mental health, education/teaching or youth work.

Course Content

Adapting CBT and Mindfulness for adolescents and teenagers. How CBT and mindfulness differs from adult interventions. Mindfulness tools for adolescents, enhance emotional regulation skills and utilising attention skills as a resource.

Mindfulness in Transition – a ten-week programme for use in classroom, group-based or one-to-one intervention with transition year students and adolescents. Yoga and mindfulness, brain and body tools for teenagers.

Best treatment strategies for teenagers. Using a comprehensive cognitive behavioural framework, you will learn which interventions work best with different types of anxiety based on the adolescent’s developmental level.

Understanding youth mental health issues, developing psychoeducational teaching methods., DBT skills and working with emotional and behavioural problems and help young people develop skills in resiliency and coping skills.

Interventions and approaches for working with oppositional defiant, and disruptive adolescents.

Developing tools and techniques for working with procrastination, exam stress and study techniques.

Assessment, psychoeducation, behavioural interventions, cognitive restructuring methods, rational analysis, performance interventions, positive psychology and behavioural activation.

Third-wave interventions including keys skills from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialetical Behavioural Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Self-Compassion. Learn to teach social skills training, relaxation and somatic management techniques.


Meditation, group learning, role play, and group presentations, practicum and retreat.


Inquiry, guided discovery, journaling, interpersonal dynamics, and creative processes using art, clay, puppets, sand tray, metaphor and story.


Reflective supervision on personal practice, case work, discussion, interactive seminar, experiential, group focused and collaborative learning. All resources provided.

Positive Psychology:

Learning skills from positive emotion, engagement, good relationships, meaning and accomplishment. “Teaching wellbeing in schools will improve the lives of young people and drive up test results”. Martin Seligman, Psychologist.

The fact that these skills can be taught is good news for teachers and educators.

Seligman believes “there’s quite serious evidence that the building of wellbeing is double-barrel. It buffers against mental illness, but increases the positive side effects as well”.

Total hours: 40
Cost: €595.00
Application: Participants on this programme must hold a professional qualification in counselling, mental health, education/teaching or youth work. Please telephone 087-7989 301 or email; w: for application forms. Early booking recommended.

Facilitator/Trainer: Gerry Cunningham has been extensively trained in Mindfulness-Based Approaches and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. He studied for three years at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford (Masters in MCBT and PG Diploma in CBT). He has trained in psychotherapy (Dublin City University) and Child and Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy (University of Cambridge, M. Ed). He has a Masters in Spirituality, BA in Philosophy, and a Diploma in Clinical Supervision. He is currently pursuing research interested at the University of Oxford and training at The International Centre for Clinical Excellence.

Course options also available in Cork and Wexford.

Feedback from previous courses

PG Cert in Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Guidance Counsellors and Therapists working with Adolescents:

A fantastic course which has enhanced by ability to work in the classroom, my school and with young people. The resources that we have received are second to none and I cannot thank you enough. You have inspired me in each session with your knowledge and expertise. Keep up the hard word. Guidance Counsellor, April 2019.

What a wonderful experience. Theory, sharing, learning, and experiential. True learning, deep integration and rich understanding with invaluable insights into the how, why, when, who and what type of interventions to use with young people. A superb and deeply nourishing course of reflection on prior learning and linking theories with practices which will enrich my personal and professional life. Many thanks to the facilitator for his kindness, understanding, care, interest and gentleness. What a privilege to attend this outstanding course. Counsellor, April 2019.

The materials and resources are fantastic tools for working both with one-to-one adolescents and in groups. I enjoyed every single session, getting to know colleagues. For my own self-development, I have grown and learned so much about myself. Guidance Counsellor, April 2019.

Absolutely incredible course. Invaluable knowledge and skills acquired which have been implemented. This course has ignited my desire to continue mindfulness and CBT. One of the best courses I have ever undertaken. Thank you. Guidance Counsellor and Psychotherapist, 2019.

What a wonderful course. Thank you. I highly recommend this training to others. I have hugely benefitted from the facilitator’s calm presence and the experiential aspect of the course. A deeply self-caring educational experience. Counsellor, Guidance Counsellor, 2017.

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Dublin 2, Cork & Wexford

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