Carmichael: Autumn / Winter 2019 Scheduled Training Programme


Our Autumn / Winter 2019 Scheduled Training Programme is now available for online booking.


Making the most of Social Media
(09.45am to 1.00pm - Thurs, 26th Sep 2019)
This training session aims to help organisations to build or enhance their online presence, including their website and any social media profiles they use. The training includes practical exercises and hands-on support in enhancing or establishing your organisation’s online profiles.

Presentation Skills
(09.45am to 1.00pm – Tue, 5th Nov 2019)
This training session aims to help organisations to build or enhance their presentation skills. The training includes practical exercises and mock presentations with feedback. It is particularly useful for participants who have little presentation experience.


Financial Oversight for Board Members
(09.45am to 1.00pm - Thurs, 12th Sep 2019)
This workshop aims to give Board Members the skills and knowledge to understand financial information that they are typically provided with on a regular basis, what to ask for, warning signs to watch out for and questions to ask.

Understanding and Preparing Budgets
(09.45am to 1.00pm – Tue, 22nd Oct 2019)
Budgeting is an essential management tool that helps such organisations manage resources effectively. This workshop is for anyone involved in the process of budgeting and managing an organisation’s resources.


Board Roles & Responsibilities
(6.00pm to 9.00pm – Tue, 24th Sep 2019)
This evening session will demystify Boards members' roles and responsibilities and give you tools to enhance your contribution and the effectiveness of your Board. It outlines the purpose of the board as a whole, particularly in relation to governance and management.

Charities and Company Law Seminar
(12.00pm to 1.00pm – Thurs, 3rd Oct 2019)
This 1 hour seminar will give an overview of the role of company members, legal duties of directors and company secretaries, and other obligations under the Companies Act 2014.


Strategic Planning
(09.45am to 4.00pm – Thurs, 24th Oct 2019)
This Strategic Planning workshop will guide you through a process of reflection, critical thinking, creativity and prediction. Step-by-step, you will learn what a strategic planning process involves, what tools and techniques can help you along the way, what the end result should look like, and how to get everyone on board.

Turning your Strategy into an Operational Plan
(09.45am to 1.00pm – Thurs, 7th Nov 2019)
This workshop introduces a basic internal planning and reporting framework that will help align your organisation's operations with its strategic goals.

Information Technology

Introduction to Spreadsheets - Microsoft Excel
(09.45am to 4.00pm – Fri, 20th Sep 2019)
Starting with the basics and covering as much material as you are able for, this 1 day course is perfect for those keen to learn how to use spreadsheets efficiently and effectively. You will gain a good knowledge of the tools available for use in Microsoft Excel.

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