Dublin Rape Crisis Centre: Training Programme for Staff of Organisations Offering Services to People Experiencing Homelessness

Working Sensitively and effectively with Clients who have experienced Childhood Abuse and adult Sexual Violence.

A Dublin Rape Crisis Centre training programme for staff of organisations offering services to people experiencing homelessness

Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July, 2019 9.30 – 4.30

Venue: Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, 70 Lower Leeson street, Dublin 2

With the generous support of a donor trust, DRCC is delighted to provide this free two-day training for staff of organisations offering services to people experiencing homelessness

The training aims to increase the participants’ knowledge and understanding of the dynamics and impact of childhood abuse and of the impact of rape and sexual assault and other trauma, so as to enhance their capacity to support their clients who may have experienced these issues sensitively and effectively. It also aims to increase their understanding of the impact on themselves of their work and to enhance their capacity to maintain their own wellbeing.

Participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Become aware of the impact of experiences of childhood abuse on the internalised beliefs of the individual who has experienced it and the sensitivities surrounding these issues.
  • Be aware of the effects including the developmental impact of childhood experiences of abuse, and the strategies employed by children in order to survive in these situations, and how these impact in adult life.
  • Be informed as to the impact of rape and sexual assault
  • Be informed about the medical and legal process for a victim of rape or sexual assault.
  • Understand the impact of trauma
  • Be introduced to the window of tolerance, a useful tool for understanding the impact of trauma and for monitoring the participant’s own stress and resourcing levels.
  • Develop their understanding and skills in facilitating and containing a disclosure of sexual abuse while avoiding re-traumatisation.
  • Be informed about the potential for vicarious traumatisation and develop their awareness of how they themselves are impacted by working with these issues, and resources and strategies to maintain their own well-being.


The training approach is participative and experiential. Methods used include group discussion, lecture, case studies, DVDs, role plays, and experiential exercises.

There is a strong theme throughout of the importance of developing resourcing strategies for the staff member, and the prevention of vicarious traumatisation and burnout.

The training approach is invitational, with the sensitive nature of the issues being dealt with and the fact that they may resonate for participants acknowledged. Participation is encouraged but without pressure.

Comprehensive practical handouts will be provided to each participant in advance of the training by email to support their learning and to act as an ongoing resource

For further information contact Leonie O'Dowd or Jane Baird at 01 6614911 or email etadmin@rcc.ie

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