Art to Heart: Working With Children and Adults Through Arts


September 3rd to 7th 2018

Art to Heart Studio, Rockforest, The Burren, Co. Clare

Time: 10am to 4pm.

Fee - €500. Concessions €350 (students, unemployed, part-time workers).
Booking fee €50 (non-refundable after August 3rd).
Fee covers training and art material. phone 085 1532220

Now in its eleventh year running!
Art to Heart is offering a unique opportunity to participate in this popular programme of collective art making, personal exploration and debate.
This training programme is for adults. If you are a parent, youth leader, social or health worker, teacher, child care worker or artist who wants to learn more about how to nurture, foster and develop your own creative potential, this training programme is for you.
No artistic experience is necessary to attend the programme.

At the end of the course an in-house accreditation certificate will be awarded to participants.


This course is an introduction to Working With Children and Adults Through Arts and it is based on the belief that, when given the right environment, children instinctively know how to create while most adults need to re-learn how to do it.

Observing children as they engage in art activities we notice how open they are to receive what comes to them in a playful way without questioning it through the mind. In the same way, during this course the adult is asked to learn ‘to let go’. It is not about being able to ‘do art’, it is about opening up, having a go at things and being flexible.

Course content:

How we experience the world – The Senses, the Elements and the Natural Cycles
The Layers of a Tale – Story painting, storytelling, and story making
Rhythms, Cycles and Crafts – The importance of crafts, taking time and the natural rhythms
The Temperaments – The four temperaments and how to work with them
The Healing Power of Art – How Creativity Heals

The different themes are explored mainly through drawing, painting, clay modeling, weaving and metalwork. Where appropriate, links are made with other art forms such as music, literature, poetry, drama or movement. During the workshops each person will have the opportunity to use her/his favorite art form to personally expand on what has been done together. For example, if the group has been working on the theme of Natural Elements, the participants may continue to explore that theme by choosing to write a poem, play a piece of music or dance, etc.
The training will also incorporate short lectures and demonstrations aimed at illustrating how specific themes can be used in a particular context and will allow for debate and exchange about individual working experiences.

The training course has been developed and will be led by Jole Bortoli the director of Art to Heart. Jole has extensive experience in working with children and adults through the arts. She has designed workshops for adults that are specifically designed at developing their confidence when working creatively with children or adults. She focuses first on allowing each adult to be creative, individually and with others.

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