DCU School of Nursing and Human Sciences Education Opportunities

Candidates are invited to apply to the following Certificate, Master and Doctoral programmes.

Undergraduate Certificate, Peer Support Working in Mental Health
A one-year, part-time programme for peer-support workers or peer-support family workers in the area of mental health.

Graduate Certificate, Relationships and Sexuality Education for People with Intellectual Disability

Graduate Certificate, Sexuality and Sexual Health Education

Master of Science in Nursing / Health Care Practice

Master of Science in Psychotherapy 

Doctorate in Psychotherapy 

Master of Science in​ Psychology and Well-being *subject to accreditation

Master of ​Science in ​Psychology (Conversion) *subject to accreditation 

For entry requirements, application details and closing dates contact:
 snhsenquiries@dcu.ie web: www.dcu.ie/courses



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