DCVoluntary: Free Training (pro bono) for the Community & Voluntary Sector

Free Training (pro bono) for the Community & Voluntary Sector in the Leinster Region

Interested in availing of a volunteer to deliver Training and Development to your organisation? Outlined below is a suite of training and development modules available for delivery and which can be used effectively for day-to-day management of voluntary/community organisations.

  • Strategic Development for your Organisation
  • Governance – ‘Cracking the Code!’
  • Developing a ‘Code of Ethics’
  • Effective Meetings - at last!
  • Time Management
  • The Key Attributes of Successful Teams
  • Volunteer Motivation - or lack of it!
  • A Guide to Successful Interviewing
  • Common Employment Law Issues
  • Report Writing

The modules, which are generally of 2 – 3 hour duration, may be grouped or presented individually.

Contact Dominic Colbert (MBA, BSc) at - Tel: 087 434 0019, email: dcvoluntary@gmail.com, or website: www.dcvoluntary.org, to discuss your training and development requirements for 2018.



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