Dads and three-year-old children needed for a study at Infant and Child Research Lab TCD

The Infant and Child Research Lab at Trinity College Dublin is currently seeking fathers and their three-year-old (34 – 40 months) children to take part in some fun research.

What is the research about?

As parents, you play a very important role in your child’s development. You help shape how and what your child learns. Most of what we know about the role of parents in child development comes from studies with mothers. Today, fathers often spend as much time with their children as mothers. We therefore want to learn about the ways in which fathers are important for their child’s development. The focus of our study is on how children develop language and learn how to solve problems. We are interested in finding out about the ways in which fathers talk to and play with their children and how this supports their child’s learning. Families that visit our lab are given toys to play with and certain tasks to do together. We observe the behaviours of fathers and their children as they play with one another in order to find out how these patterns of interaction support development.

What does taking part involve?

We are currently recruiting children aged 34 – 40 months and their fathers to come to our lab in Trinity College Dublin at a time and day that suits you.
The visit will take approximately 90 minutes during which your child will complete short language and cognitive tasks. We will also observe you and your child performing a short task together.

How do I take part?

Please contact us at for more information or to book a visit.


TCD, Dublin 2

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