ISM Services for Non-Profits: FREE Driving for Work Policy Pack

What does Driving for Work mean?

Do your employees or volunteers drive as part of their working day? Do they attend meetings outside of the office, do they carry out outreach work, deliver messages as part of their duties etc? Do they use their private vehicle and receive travel expenses? Or do you provide a company vehicle? If you answered YES to any of the questions, then your organisation is required to become compliant with the necessary regulations relating to Driving for Work.

Driving for Work involves a risk not only for drivers, but also for colleagues and members of the public as other road users, including pedestrians. It is also a risk for your organisation and should be therefore identified within your risk assessment as part of your governance.

What does the law require?

Health and Safety law in Ireland applies to driving for work in the same way as for all other work related activities. As a Board of Trustees, the management of an organisation need to look after their duty of care and comply with the necessary regulations relating to Driving for Work, including:

  1. The Road Traffic Act 1961 and subsequent amendments
  2. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, and associated regulations
  3. Legislation relating to the carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road
  4. European Union Working Time Directive

What is the benefit for an organisation?

ISM Services for Non-Profits have developed a free Driving for Work Policy pack which is inclusive of sample templates on a Driving for Work policy, risk assessment, checklist on training needs and compliance declaration. It offers a compliance solution for understanding, identifying, evaluating and managing risk arising from driving for work.

How does the policy pack work?

The Driving for Work Policy pack will guide you through your duty of care in implementing the necessary steps to manage the risk, your training needs and your compliancy.

How can I request the free policy pack?

Contact ISM Services for Non-Profits to request your Driving for Work policy pack.

Phone: 01 864 1790

Who are ISM Services for Non-Profits?

We are the Community Responsibility Programme by the Irish School of Motoring Ltd, the leading driver educator, training services and recruitment provider in Ireland. ISM Services for Non-Profits specifically focuses on heightening awareness and delivering risk management, compliance services and solutions, including providing Driving for Work free policy packs for organisations whose volunteers or employees use their own or company car during their working day.

Our team is made up of experienced and qualified training and non-profit sector professionals. We also form strategic alliances with the industry experts in the fields of information technology and training in order to bring tailored solutions for our service users. As part of our community responsibility programme, we also educate young and novice road users about road safety in line with the government’s Road Safety Strategy 2013 – 2020. You can follow up our work by joining our community of over 20,000 Facebook users at

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