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Daily admin goals: Applications, Tenders, Project Details, HR, Project / Management / Stakeholder Meetings, Clients Data, Project Activities, Social Media, Adverts, Invoicing, Banking, Salaries, Payments, Reporting and Audits, this list is can be endless… Does this look familiar, do you need help for less than €5 a day?

The only thing worse than all this is when you have multiple projects and reporting platforms. With being involved with projects for over 25 years I wanted a solution that allowed me to communicate with everybody involved, efficiently, securely and allow reporting from a single set of input data in a way that worked for my organisation and exported with ease to all the other solutions our funders, stakeholders, investors and evaluators used.

Bespoke is very expensive and no matter what you do we are not anywhere near to a 100% digital solution, so at Vaultproof we have in place a solution that gives you back control, with as much back up and support as you feel you need. We look after the ongoing development and update costs so you don’t have to.

With Vaultproof you can do all of the above in one place. A portal that you control, it is your one stop virtual office space that you and your team can work securely from, any place any time.

Let’s get together and discuss your needs and I can take you around our solution and how it will work/look for you. We can discuss your needs and you can ask as many questions as you need to, delve into my tendering, design, delivery and project management experiences and we can see how much help you need/want in order streamline your organisations project admin, allowing you to do what you do best, deliver on your project promises, on budget and on time!

Contact: Ana on 083 302 2262 /07493 84853


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