Crimson Waves Limerick: Free Creativity Workshops

Crimson Waves Limerick. Free Creativity Workshops

Interested in arts and health, I have come up with the Crimson Waves Limerick concept as part of my MA in social arts practice. It’s about women, menstruation and our general well-being.

Many of us carry on working, studying and looking after others at ‘moon time’. We’re not taking it easy, as we have been designed to do during menstruation. I invite you to explore questions such as

  • Why did the ancients rest at the ‘crimson wave’ time?
  • How can we apply self-care in this busy, busy world?
  • What creative processes can help us as women to be gentle with ourselves when we have our period, or indeed at any time of the month?
  • What cycles of life must each woman go through, and how are we honouring our elders?

We will meet in colleges, community centres, workplaces, homes, my city centre studio space, cafes… anywhere that a group of women can gather to chat, be creative and relax. I am available to you on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am-7pm. Sessions will last 2 hours.

Making finished art is not the point; process is. Some groups might chose to create art, others will prefer to talk, share stories, read, sing or dance. I’ll share ideas, materials and suggestions.

In appreciation for your participation, we will always end with some yoga. Donations towards art materials, transport etc. would be welcome, but I am not charging my usual rates for these sessions; the project is about peer sharing and connecting women from different sectors.

In my own arts practice, I am working on new pictures, poems and songs about menstruation and femininity. You can see some of my art and design on Instagram, and hear some of my audio work here;

Please note that the sessions are for adults. However I am happy to work with small groups of teenage girls too, with their teacher or an adult guardian present, in my city centre studio on Mondays. Access available on Mondays only, from 10 am -1pm.

Kathryn Crowley
Phone +353 85 2441321



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