GCAS College Dublin: Seeking a shared office-space

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GCAS College Dublin is seeking a shared office-space opportunity in Dublin. Our requirements include: (a) 1 small secured office; (b) and access to one teaching space for 25 persons used once per week for 3 hours. This space must comply with public safety codes.

GCAS College Dublin is a new, progressive degree granting college (PhD, MA, BA) with a cooperative business model based primarily on: (a) low tuition costs; (b) co-ownership for graduates; (c) on Blockchain (crypto-economy); (d) paying students for assignments. We are seeking accreditation via QQI in the EU and Ireland.

Website: https://gcas.ie/
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Center_for_Advanced_Studies
Contact: Creston Davis @ < creston.davis@gcas.ie >
Phone: +353 1 442 9139



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