CÚRAM Health and Social Care Consultancy Services

CÚRAM is a health & social care consultancy service which offers support and advice to public, voluntary and private health and social care agencies. With significant management experience in the health & social care sector, CÚRAM has a deep understanding of the challenges that agencies face today both within the internal and external environment.

CÚRAM offers the following services:

  • Accredited Investigator for the management of workplace investigations including Trust in Care investigations
  • Completion of service audits to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Agency/Service Reviews and Evaluations
  • External supervision for Managers/Leaders
  • Policy Reviews & Development

CÚRAM also offers workshops for the following:

  • Persons in Charge/Persons Participating in Management (1 day)
  • Conducting Workplace Investigations (1 day)

Contact details:

T: 089 7025155
E: info@curamconsultancy.ie
W: curamconsultancy.ie


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