Free coaching or support sessions for a senior manager

I have over twenty years’ experience as a senior manager in the charity sector. Having gained incredible experience and insights at all levels of not for profit organisations, I wish to share my experience with people working in the sector who are in positions of responsibility and need some external support. The services I am providing include coaching, strategy, crisis management, and board and team building.

To kick start my new service I am offering three free sessions to someone who has identified the need for support and guidance in any of the areas I have listed. I am also open to providing support in other areas not included in the list.

The sessions will take place in Dublin city centre and will most likely take place every two weeks which gives space and time to process what has been discussed. I am proposing to start these sessions in mid-February.

As we are all trying to manage our time as effectively as possible, I am requesting that if you are interested in being considered for the free sessions you email me the following information:



Position in organisation

How long you have held this position

Area/issue requiring support

Readiness to address area/issue

My contact details are;
Bernie Murphy

I am also interested in hearing from anyone working in the sector who is interested in available of my services.


Dublin City Centre

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