AIIHPC 8th Palliative Care Research Network Symposium - 'Out of Hours Palliative Care'

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Palliative Care Research Network (PCRN)

AIIHPC 8th Palliative Care Research Network Symposium

The Palliative Care Research Network (PCRN) Symposium offers researchers opportunities to learn from global experts, share and exchange knowledge, listen to the perspective of people with life limiting conditions (service users) and network and collaborate with peers. This year’s symposium focussed on the number one research priority on the island of Ireland, “What are the best ways of providing palliative care outside of ‘working hours’ to avoid crises and help patients to stay in their place of choice?”. Out-of-hours palliative care services need to be co-ordinated, safe, and high quality, while being cost effective to meet the needs of the person with a life-limiting condition and the needs of their carer. The PCRN symposium provided valuable insights and perspectives from international speakers, people with life-limiting conditions, their family and carers and a discussion panel. To watch presentations from the day and access slides follow the link. This event was supported by the Public Health Agency HSC R&D.

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