Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day - Paint your Bump

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day

[Paint your Bump]

Our Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day was set up with the main aim being to dispel the myth that the transition to motherhood is effortless. We would like to implement Paint your Bump day to bring awareness and start a conversation about this hugely stigmatised area of Mental Health.

We will be launching a campaign called Paint Your Bump on social media. We are asking women to paint their bumps and posting on social media with the hashtag #PYB2018.

Our aim is to support women in this hugely challenging transition into motherhood. We would like to dispel the myth that women just switch from one to the other effortlessly. We would like to start a conversation about the everyday struggles of being a mother. We would hope that as women start talking it gives more women permission to do the same. Our ultimate wish is to raise awareness and offer support to the many women who may be suffering in silence and encourage them to nurture there maternal mental wellbeing.

We are providing information and supports which are available to women in Ireland via the website and social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter.

The Paint your Bump campaign is scheduled to launch on the 2nd of May 2018. We would greatly appreciate if you could share this campaign with your followers on social media. Our goal is to reach as many women as possible.

Paint your Bump campaign was founded in 2017 by two psychotherapists Fran Buckley-Doyle and Elva Glynn, who are extremely passionate about the area of Maternal Mental Health. Both therapists have seen a gap in awareness of the many issues that women face in the Perinatal period. These therapist have also noticed a lack of awareness about the support that is available to return to Positive Mental Health.

Paint your bump was born due to Frans experience in pregnancy. Painting your bump is a fantastic way to bond and celebrate pregnancy regardless of shape, size a beautiful piece of art can be created. These women will be representing the maternal experience in all shape and form.


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