Scholarships available for songwriting workshop with Ed Sheeran's mentor, Luke Concannon

Luke is a founder member of Nizlopi, writer of legendary UK no. 1 hit ‘the JCB song’, a solo artist, and referred to Ed Sheeran as his “childhood hero”. This workshop, hosted in partnership with Love and Courage, is a rare chance to invest in a relaxed supportive fun-filled day of inspiration, ideas, tricks and tools to fire-up your creativity and songwriting. A chance for people of all abilities to write, play, learn and connect with others. There are three fully funded scholarships available and some discounted places for those with financial constraints. Info and apply via email to

“Luke Concannon is my childhood hero. I grew up listening to him. I went on tour with him doing guitar tech and learned everything there is to know about performing, writing songs, singing, playing guitar, everything. I owe a large amount of my career to him." 
– Ed Sheeran

“Luke Concannon is the real deal” 
– The Guardian

Luke Concannon

“Nizlopi – I learned everything from them. I was obsessed. You’ll hear it, I’m very influenced.” 
– Ed Sheeran choosing Nizlopi as his top BBC Desert Island Disc in 2017

“If you truly want to crack open your soul and sing it out a little, this is the safest place to do so.” 
- Sarah Iroegbu, previous workshop participant

Luke Concannon is a fiercely passionate English singer-songwriter who, with his own record label, has sold millions of records across the world while keeping his feet firmly on the ground. Like so many English artists including Ed Sheeran, Oasis, Morrissey, Lennon and McCartney, Luke grew up in an English household rooted in Irish heritage and the traditions of family gatherings and sing-songs. His band Nizlopi achieved mass fame with their no.1 hit the JCB song which was written as a beautiful ode from a young Luke to his father. Nizlopi had a famously D.I.Y approach and their raw energy inspired a young Ed Sheeran to become one of their biggest fans. Ed cites them as a major influence on his approach to music, calling Luke “my childhood hero”. As a teenager the young Ed volunteered with the band as a technician and learned the ropes of performing. Luke and Ed recently wrote a song together called Streets of Boston, which will feature on Luke’s forthcoming second solo album. Luke currently lives in the U.S and continues to perform internationally as well as offering creative coaching and workshops.

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“Luke Concannon’s I Want To Be Free is a song of the year for me.” 
– Ed Sheeran

“I'm a huge fan” 
– Hugh Jackman

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