Novas, Quality Matters: Trauma Informed Care in Practice Conference

Trauma Informed Care in Practice Conference

National Trauma Informed Care in Practice Conference:

The Richmond Education Centre, Dublin, Nov 5th 2019

Announcement of Conference Programme

The first National Trauma Informed Care in Practice Conference Programme will be held on the 5th of November, 2019. Novas, Quality Matters and their partners and supporters are delighted to present this programme to our colleagues in the sector.

Trauma Informed Care is an approach to service delivery that compels service providers to examine the role of trauma in the lives of service users and to explore the implications for their service provision.
Hearing about trauma and trauma informed care often ignites a lightbulb moment for staff, who recognise the importance of this approach, and often feel that the core tenets of Trauma Informed reflect their work practice at its best. Trauma-informed care presents opportunities for better engagement of marginalised service users and better relationships between staff and those they support. The theory and practice of Trauma Informed Care is as challenging as it rewarding.

This conference, which will be introduced by Senator Lynn Ruane, presents an opportunity for service providers from a broad range of disciplines to come together and share learning about traumainformed care. The conference includes presentations from organisations leading on the development of whole organisation, sector or cross-sectoral initiatives such as Safe Ireland, Barnardos, Novas and Quality Matters. It includes new research on trauma-informed care from criminal justice, homeless and education contexts, and skills development workshops, as well as presentations on lessons from practice from service providers, researchers and experts by experience including Spirasi, the Topple Peer Programme and others.

Importantly, the conference faces head-on the challenge of ‘trauma-informed care’ becoming another ‘buzz word’ for the human services sector that can easily lose meaning in the absence of agreed definitions and national standards. The keynote address by national expert Dr Sharon Lambert will present a challenge to the sector in this regard, with the final session of the day providing participants with an opportunity to input on the development of national standards for trauma informed care implementation.

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