International Centre for Business Development: Workplace Diversity and Cross-Cultural Competency Workshop

Workplace Diversity and Cross-Cultural Competency Workshop


The Workshop on Workplace Diversity, Equality and Cross-Cultural Competency is specifically designed to improve attendees Cross-Cultural Competency in our diversely populated world.

The whole world is gradually becoming a global village with diverse groups of people and races of varying psychosocial disposition and ideologies coming together within the workplace.

Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Time: 10am to 3pm
Location: BASE Enterprise Centre, Blanchardstown Dublin 15

“A shop owner who reprimanded a pregnant employee about her appearance and said that she needed to look better and appear happy has been ordered to pay €18,000”.

Early in the year, “an employee who was asked at an interview whether he should be “taking it easier” at his age, was ordered to make €20,000 payment and review its employment policies.”

Beginning with the acknowledgment of the realisation that cultural diversity has become a norm in any modern-day cosmopolitan society, participants will be exposed to a series of audio-visual contents that emphasises the actual benefits realisable from multicultural competency.

Developed to purposefully guide participants towards consciously changing/reinforcing their attitudes, opinions, points of view and outlook on Diversity and Equality, the workshop aim at closing trainees' knowledge /attitude gap.

Delegates are expected, at the end of the workshop to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of diversity awareness aligning the principle with the organisational values, good practice and legal requirements.
  2. Discuss the positive impact and the innate skill sets that may exist within a diverse team.
  3. Illustrate the importance of working with colleagues and clients in a respectful manner giving examples of actions/inaction that may cause offence in the workplace.
  4. Justify diversity in today's workplace with the ability to distinguish between an act of discrimination or otherwise in the workplace.
  5. Explain the process to follow in the case of a workplace discrimination

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