An Evolving EU / NATO Military Alliance - Public Meeting

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An Evolving EU/NATO Military Alliance
Public Meeting

Ireland Institute,
27 Pearse Street, Dublin

Tuesday 16th April at 7.30pm

  • Robert Navan
    Has a great understanding of Latin America, will chair this debate on evolving imperialist strategy today
  • Presentation by Eva and Markus Heizmann
    Their long experience supporting Syrians devastated by war has influenced their study into the anatomy of imperialism
  • Presentation by June Kelly and Tom Crilly
    From their recent Solidarity Tour to Serbia (Former Yugoslavia) remembering ‘NATO Aggression 20 Years On’

If those who are deemed respectable commentators repeat their version of information as factual it will become accepted as the truth…it will always be hard to contradict that cabal of government ministers and journalists, and spokespersons for leading financial, academic and NGOs…those who defend US foreign policy and their right to maintain global power…

NATO is a military alliance comprising the US, Canada, and most of our European partners...they are an aggressive military structure that have a history of invading other nations; Germany assisted the US in carpet bombing Serbia/Kosovo or Former Yugoslavia in 1999, the US assisted with aerial reconnaissance so their partners the UK, France and Italy could hit their missile targets in Libya in 2011, and the US, Germany and the UK supply training and weaponry to Saudi Arabia so that they can continue to destroy war torn Yemen today.

Tom Crilly, Communications Officer,
Peace and Neutrality Alliance PANA,
Tel 087 2937558


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