Public Lecture on Self Knowledge

Esotericism, What is it?

Esotericism, from the Greek word Esoteric meaning Interior. Therefore Esotericism means the study of the interior of man / woman. From this development in Self Knowledge arises self-improvement which results in better life decisions, health and happiness.

Weekly classes are given with a talk on a certain topic such as Essence, Personality, Ego, Inner States, Karma, Return and Recurrence. Techniques of practices such as Concentration, Retrospection and Meditation are given so the discussed topics can be practically assimilated into one's daily life.

Introductory Lectures, Thursday 11th April and Thursday 9th May, both at 7pm in Wynn's Hotel, Abbey Street, Dublin. Followed by weekly classes starting Wednesday 17th 7pm in The Macro Building, Green Street, Dublin 7.

All is free of charge.

Contact details. Sarah at email.



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