Bray Women's Refuge: Don Hennessy Seminar


This Seminar is a must for anyone who works with Women who are in or have been in a Domestic Abusive Relationship. Don Hennessy works at the Cork Marriage Counselling Centre and is author of the book ‘How He Gets into Her Head – The Mind of the Intimate Male Abuser.’ Working with both the perpetrators and victims of intimate partner abuse has given Don a unique insight into the tactics employed by the male abuser. He is the former director of the National Domestic Violence Intervention Agency (NDVIA).

Domestic abuse remains a shameful secret in many Irish households and emotional abuse is one of the most complicated forms of abuse. Don Hennessy is a relationship counsellor and Director of the National Domestic Violence Intervention Agency. In his new book “Steps To Freedom”, he reiterates that when it comes to emotionally abusive relationships, things are rarely as straightforward as they seem. And the red flags of coercive control aren't especially easy to spot.

Hennessy notes that we need to stop focusing on the women in these relationships or putting the onus on them to react or leave an emotionally abusive relationship.

"For as long as I've been doing this work, I've seen that we all look towards the woman - what is she doing wrong? Why is she walking into this with her eyes closed?" he says. "These are the wrong questions. Often these women are intelligent and streetwise. These guys are so clever and devious that she has no idea her emotions are being manipulated."

Date and Time

10:00 – 16:00

Sunbeam House
Taylor Centre
Vevay Road
Co Wicklow

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Bray, Co Wicklow

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