Presentation: Aid To Syria - Against All Odds

Eva and Markus Heizmann and their comrades in Vienna came in touch with a priest from the Melkite Church in Syria. Even though this priest now lives in Austria he has, as a Syrian, a strong connection to Syria. What began with transporting charity goods to people in need in Syria, became a need to expose western media lies… this was not a civil War, but a NATO led attack on this independent nation.

“As a result of our meetings with this Melkite priest we asked the local priest in our hometown in Switzerland if he could send some money to those who do that kind of work. It turned out that the Catholic community of our village decided to send, in their own right, a ship container filled with charity goods, of such a kind as clothes, winter clothes in particular, shoes, tools and so on. We had a list of items that were needed in Syria. On another list were the prohibited items such as medical drugs, liquids, food and other vital goods. The group which organized the project got a lot of solidarity, far beyond the village. In the end we sent not only one ship container but six of them to Syria.

As a result of our experiences in and out of Syria we are convinced that the conflict in Syria was initiated and unleashed by the western powers, namely the USA, France and England. The other NATO members particularly Turkey function as obedient NATO members against Syria. Israel and the oil oligarchies in the gulf region are not members of NATO but they also attack Syria, whereby one can call the gulf oligarchies the stooges of imperialism. But also, so called neutral countries such as Switzerland, Austria and others are in this way or another involved in the illegal attacks against Syria. Even if this is still denied from many sides, the facts and the evidences on the ground speak for themselves.

In our presentation we try to convey an image of Syria that is not so well known in the western hemisphere. We hereby also fulfil a promise that we gave to countless people in Syria: Independent from each other, many people in Syria demanded from us that, when we are back home, that we should raise our voices to tell what we have witnessed in Syria.

You are all invited to our presentation, which includes a brief introduction to Syrian history, a power point presentation from our trips in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and a 20-minute documentary, made in January 2018 in several locations in Syria. We should mention that the documentary was produced by a professional filmmaker from Switzerland.”

The presentation will be held on Saturday 21st July 2018. Venue: Connolly Books, 43 East Essex Street, Dublin, Ireland. Start time: 2.30pm - Entry Free -

Eva Heizmann and Markus Heizmann
Bündnis gegen den imperialistischen Krieg, Basel, Hamburg, Wien
(alliance against the imperialist war)

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