PANA: Conference on the Anti-Conscription Campaign – 100 Years On & Peace Vigil

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This conference sponsored by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr Micheal Mac Donncha will take place in the Mansion House on Wednesday 18th April 10.30 – 3pm. (See Poster)

With a list of speakers including Roger Cole, Chairperson of PANA

War propaganda failed to conceal the horrific slaughter of the First World War, so with declining recruits the British government agreed a Military Service Bill to extend conscription to Ireland. Four days later April 20th, 1918 a unique meeting held in the Mansion House Dublin brought together an alliance of Trade Unions, Labour and Nationalist workers, and the Catholic Church, to support a General Strike as part of a campaign to oppose conscription and imperialist wars. Many historians now suggest that after the 1916 Easter Rising, the 1918 Anti-Conscription Campaign, created that necessary radical image for Sinn Fein that resulted in their success at the Westminster elections.

One hundred years on we now see France and Germany allied together as the dominant leaders of the EU, demanding an EU Army and a Defence Fund that will support their ongoing resource wars in Africa. We now hear of a renewed proposal at the Westminster parliament for conscription, and an ever-increasing arms race between the US, and their EU/NATO block, amid increasing tensions with Russia and China.

Those who struggle against imperialist wars are up against a far more coordinated media that is more interested in confusion and war propaganda. Build your own understanding on world conflicts, book you place at this important peace conference in the Mansion House Dublin. See

Are you concerned about US war planes refuelling at Shannon Airport, the recent expulsion of Russian diplomats and the recent visit of NATO ships to Cobh Harbour. You are invited to join PANA at our monthly Peace Vigil on Wednesday 11th April outside the Department of Foreign Affairs Dublin.

Tom Crilly, Communications Officer,
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Roger Cole, Chairperson, PANA,
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