Activelink Statistics and Site Information

The information in the text below was current on 30/12/16

If you're thinking of advertising with us, whether you're taking advantage of our free adverts or paying, then you're probably interested in our statistics. We currently serve up over a million page impressions each month, and we mean pages, not hits or files.

We estimate that 15% of these page views are by search engines, which means that our content is indexed rapidly, and we facilitate this by providing them with a search-engine sitemap which is updated daily. We're constantly working on increasing our traffic by improving the relevance of our search results both externally (from major search engines) and from within our site. We've taken out the search engine 15% when we discuss human behaviour below, in case it seems that our figures don't add up! They are included in the graphs, however.

Our average human visitor reads approximately six pages according to Google Analytics - our own stats make it look like 10, but these are skewed by web-search-indexing robots that read lots of pages in one visit. We recently made improvements to the efficiency of our web software to facilitate its use on mobile devices with small screens, so our visitors now generally need to access fewer pages to find the content that they're looking for. 50% of our visits come via search engines (half of these are specifically for variants of 'activelink'), and an average of 35% is from regular readers who either come directly to our site or via links in our e-bulletin newsletters. The bulk of the rest is from web job aggregator sites and social networks.

Don't take our word for it, here are statistical graphs from our software, this snapshot is updated shortly after midnight each night - if you think that you're seeing an old image then try shift-reloading with your browser: the image file always has the same filename and modern browsers won't download it again if it's already in their image cache unless you tell them to do so:

Activelink traffic graphs, updated daily
Top-level access statistics for this site, updated daily

The graphs above are delineated in thirds, with the scale for the top line being indicated by each graph. The red bars indicate data transfer and the scale is in kilobytes, not bytes. What are 'Hits'? Hits are the total number of requests to the website, including those that requested files - the difference between them exists because some requests are answered with status codes rather than file transfers. The relationship between 'Visits' and 'Sites' can be deceptive, as we get many visits from organisational office networks which have just one access point to the Internet, and hence show as one site.

Content published on our site will usually be available via Google search within a few hours, and if you search for Activelink on Google's Irish search site then you'll find us right at the top. We've noticed lately that some other sites have been using terms like "Activelink Jobs" on their sites, but they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we're not too upset!

We expire text ads the day after their deadline date so that they no longer show in any of our current listings, though we leave them available via search for a week after this date with a red 'expired' notice, in case our readers want to re-check them, and then we archive them off entirely. This way we can keep our listings fresh and relevant, and our searches focused, without old adverts gumming things up.

We provide easy links on all of our noticeboard pages to allow our readers to share adverts via social networks. We also provide tools for sharing adverts via email and to allow them to be saved as PDFs or printed for posting to noticeboards.

We mail out over 30,000 email bulletins each weekend. These are sent to subscribers who have used a 'double opt-in' mechanism to subscribe, where they have to verify their subscription by email, so it's not possible for us to spam our readers. We encourage our readers to unsubscribe if they have no use for our mailings, and make it easy for them to do so. We use Amazon's cloud-based Simple Email Service (SES) to deliver our Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) compliant e-bulletins - this, combined with our eighteen-year history of responsibly sending bulk email, ensures that we achieve optimal delivery rates.