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Role Title Volunteer Driver

Overview of role

Volunteer drivers transport patients from their homes to the hospital and return patients to their own homes after their appointments have finished. This service is specific to patients undergoing chemotherapy and, more rarely, radiotherapy treatment. The service operates from Monday to Friday, to and from selected hospitals and centres nationwide. Garda vetting is required for this role.

Tasks involved in role

  • Transport for cancer patients to and from their hospital treatments
  • Pick patients up from their appointments within 30 minutes of appointment ending. Patients can be 4 – 6 hours in treatment for chemotherapy and 30mins-2 hours for radiotherapy and drivers must remain flexible and available in case treatment times vary
  • Drivers who live no more than 30 mins away from the hospital can return home. All other volunteers will need to plan their days and be available to the patient when needed
  • Respond to email requests from the Patient Travel Team regarding your availability for drives that week. Please note, drivers are not matched to particular patients and have flexibility in the drives they choose to commit to each week in terms of hospital location and driving day
  • To follow the guidelines in all volunteer policies, procedures and forms

Skills and Experience Needed

  • Must hold a full driving licence for 3 years or more
  • Must have use of a mobile phone and an active email address
  • Must be reliable and punctual with excellent communication skills
  • Understand the need for confidentiality and not disclose information heard while on duty
  • Have a friendly, sensitive and respectful manner
  • Be comfortable volunteering without direct supervision
  • Be flexible and have the ability to use your own initiative

Time Commitment Needed A minimum of 2-3 drives per month for a period of 1 year. A full day's commitment for every drive on weekdays only. Drives are likely to begin in early morning (from 7am) and drivers must be available for the full day.

Location of Role Volunteer drivers are located in all counties in Ireland and drive to partner hospitals and centres (full list available here). We are currently particularly in need of drivers near to Beaumont Hospital and surrounds. This includes Dublin 1/3/5/7/9/11/13 and north county Dublin.

Supervision Every driver will receive regular communication from the Patient Travel team. They will be available to answer any queries or concerns you may have. You will receive ongoing support and supervision from the Patient Travel and Financial Support Manager. Your suitability for the role may be reviewed after 3 months.

Training All volunteers will receive training on the Irish Cancer Society, communication skills and your role as a Volunteer Driver. Your training will consist of online viewing modules and a live online orientation workshop. Those who need additional support in using online tools or platforms for training will be supported.

Expenses Volunteers will be reimbursed for fuel costs at 0.27 cent per kilometre; receipted road tolls and we offer €8 receipted towards lunch.

Benefits Volunteer drivers provide an invaluable free support to cancer patients. This role will help relieve patients from having to organise transport for chemotherapy appointments. For many this is a vital service which helps ease their mind and your contribution is fundamental.

Car requirements

  1. Your vehicle type must be a car with front and back seats (2 seaters not accepted)
  2. Your car must be roadworthy
  3. Your car must be insured and you must inform your insurance company of your voluntary driving
  4. A valid copy of your driving license, insurance certificate and NCT (if applicable) to be provided for our records each year

No Smoking Policy The Irish Cancer Society operates a no-smoking policy and the volunteer must not smoke on or near Society premises when volunteering for the Society, when on driving duty or when identifiable as an Irish Cancer Society volunteer.

How to apply

To apply for this role, complete the online application form for Volunteer Drivers here Become a Volunteer Driver | Irish Cancer Society Applicants will be asked to undergo a formal interview (via phone/ video conference), submit two reference checks and complete garda vetting.

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