Jigsaw: External Chair of the Jigsaw Research Ethics Committee (Voluntary)


External Chair of the Jigsaw Research Ethics Committee (Voluntary)

We are currently seeking a candidate to fill the role of External Chair of the Jigsaw Research Ethics Committee (JREC). The objective of the JREC is to safeguard the health, welfare and rights of participants in research and to ensure that all approved research is theoretically and methodologically sound, and consistent with Jigsaw’s research aspirations and agenda.

The JREC aspires to provide timely, comprehensive and independent reviews of research studies, acting in good faith with respect to both applicants and the community and in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki, statements of appropriate ethics practice, International Good Practice Guidelines, relevant EU directives, National guidelines and relevant National legislation.

The committee currently comprises Jigsaw staff members with experience in youth mental health research and/or services; Jigsaw Youth Advocates; and individuals external to Jigsaw with knowledge of, and current experience in, the area of research. The JREC convenes four times per year (online/in-person/email review).

Closing Date: 5pm February 10th 2023.

Please visit our website for a full job description and an application form: https://jigsaw.ie/careers/

General Info

Date Entered/Updated
16th Jan, 2023
Online / Remote
Expiry Date
10th Feb, 2023