Growing Roots Forest School: Volunteer Needed

Growing Roots Forest School is opening up its groups to volunteers!

Have you heard of Forest Schools ? These unique initiatives aim to offer regular playful explorations for small groups of children in Nature. The groups meet every week, for an afternoon or a morning during the whole year, in all seasons.

Exploration is permitted, personal initiative and creativity is welcomed, and each individual needs and rhythms are respected. The approach is child-led, which means that the session’s content always follows the children’s interests and needs. As the children come back to the same natural area throughout the year, they build trust as they explore it more and more and learn from it throughout the seasons.

The groups are lead by a trained Forest School Leader and an assistant. Their responsibility is to encourage the development of a deep connection to nature, through play, games, and art and nature crafts.

The aim is also to teach children how to have a positive impact on the green spaces they use by modelling best behaviours, including litter picking and following the “Leave no trace” principles.

As a volunteer, your role would be... to play along with the group ! There's no better gift to a child than to see an inspiring and happy adult. And by doing so you'd support the Leader and Assistant's work!

We can accomodate to welcome one volunteer per group. If you're interested, you need to commit to come for a term, always on the same day, to develop a trustful connection with the group.

You'll need to be Garda Vetted too.

Contact Elisa here : or through the website :

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