Lakers Social and Recreational Club: Volunteer Drumming Instructor

Lakers Social and Recreational Club are looking for a volunteer drumming instructor to lead an hour-long weekly drumming class for Lakers members, all of who have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability. The timeslots for this class are flexible and can be discussed with any candidates. The instructor will organise and utilise the support of other volunteers from the community. The instructor will be expected to work towards being part of an annual show that is put on by the club each year. The instructor must have a good understanding of the use of music as a therapeutic tool for people with alternative ways of communicating.

Anyone interested in this position can apply by either calling 012022694 (general club number), or alternatively email

General Info

Date Entered/Updated
25th Jul, 2022
Bray, Co Wicklow
Expiry Date
25th Sep, 2022