National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities: Board Sub Committee Members

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National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities

Board Sub Committee Members

Are you interested in supporting the National Advocacy Service to achieve its strategic goals and developing advocacy services and activities which underpin the rights of people accessing health and social services? Read further regarding the role and required competencies

The National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities is seeking new members for to two of its Board Sub Committees – namely the Finance, Audit and Risk Sub Committee and the HR Sub Committee.

We are especially interested in receiving applications from those with lived experience of disability and/or as a user of healthcare services, and with experience in the public sector and/or charity sector which would support the governance structure of the organisation.

Terms of Appointment

  • Committee members are appointed for a 3-year term and are eligible for one further 3-year term after that.
  • The role is unpaid/voluntary but reasonable expenses incurred whilst fulfilling the duties of the role will be reimbursed in line with the Department of Finance approved rates.
  • Committees meet at least 3 times per year.

Further information and how to apply

  • For a role description and further information including the latest Annual Report, please visit our website
  • Expressions of interest from those with experience in the following areas would be particularly welcome: lived experience of disability or as a user of health services, financial expertise; public sector and/or charity sector, and HR.
  • In the first instance, please express your interest in the role you are interested in by sending a full CV and covering letter, outlining your suitability for the role, to Deirdre Burke, Corporate Services Officer by Monday 23rd May 2022.
  • If you have any questions about the role please contact: Deirdre Burke, Corporate Services Officer at

Our Mission

The National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities (NAS) provides an independent, confidential and free advocacy service that works exclusively for adults with disabilities. Our role is to work with those who may be isolated from their community of choice or mainstream society, may communicate differently and have limited informal or natural supports. We act as a catalyst for change through collaboration, capacity building and representation to make the rights of people with disabilities a reality. ​

Our Vision

Our vision for society is one where people with disabilities can exercise their rights – with dignity, autonomy, equality and independence at the core. We recognise the capacity of persons with disabilities to make their own decisions equally with others, in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD). ​

Our Values

NAS has adopted five Core Values which inform its work.

    1. Independence
      NAS works with the person independently of others and free from all conflicts of interest. The advocacy process is led and guided by the person.
    2. Autonomy
      NAS supports the right of the person to self-direction/determination (i.e. to be in control of their own life) and to make informed decisions based on their will and preferences.
    3. Equality/Citizenship
      NAS supports the right of every person to assert and enjoy their human rights, to participate in society as an equal citizen and to fulfil their full potential within a life of their own choosing.
    4. Respect
      NAS works with the person in a way which demonstrates respect for the person as an individual and for their privacy, dignity and autonomy. All NAS staff, partners and directors will act in a way that demonstrates respect for the people who use NAS and each other.
    5. Empowerment
      NAS aims to facilitate the person to be an active participant in decisions which affect their life, through the way in which the advocacy process is carried out as well as the outcomes it seeks to achieve.

General Info

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21st Apr, 2022
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