LASC: Board Members

Committee Members (one of which is a secretary role)  - commitment of approximately 8 hours/month

Primary Role:

  • Attend weekly meetings (1h30) 
  • Provide information and feedback to the coordinator, 
  • Approve new projects, 
  • Approve and contribute to the strategic plan of the organisation
  • Contribute ideas for events and projects, such as themes, speakers and partnerships, e.g. events for Latin America Week.

Ideal profile for the role :

  • You have a real interest in the issues affecting Latin America today and for international solidarity.
  • You have experiences and connections which will enrich the work of LASC, and help us to create new partnerships, participate in research projects and help to identify and secure funding opportunities e.g. you are part of an activist group that is related to the missions of LASC, or you have experience in the domain of NGOs in Ireland, or you work in academia in a domain related to the lissions of LASC.

Treasurer - commitment of approximately 10 hours/month

Primary role : all of the above

  • Attend monthly meetings (1h30)
  • Approve new projects
  • Contribute to the strategic planning of the organisation
  • Supporting the administrative office
  • Organizing the budget and accounts, accounting for every expenditure.
  • Supporting the administrative officer by organizing the budget and accounts.
  • Ideal Profile for the role:
  • Good knowledge of the NGO system in Ireland, not necessarily an accountant

The only requirement to become a Board Member is to be a LASC Member. For more information you could contact us at or visiting

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