SOSAD Ireland: Volunteer Opportunities - Dundalk

SOSAD Ireland are currently looking for volunteers to assist with once-off events in Dundalk.

Raffle tickets (Until the 19th of November)

Seeking a volunteer to assist with organising raffle tickets in the Dundalk office for an event on the 20th of November. If you are free for a couple of hours, any day/time within the office hours, we could use your help!
Office working hours are 10am and 6pm, Monday - Friday.
To apply & for further information please email

19th of November, 2021

Looking for volunteers to assist with a SOSAD stand at the AIB Bank in Dundalk.

  • Hand out flyers
  • Sell Raffle tickets
  • Collection Bucket

20th of November, 2021

A memorial event for David Bobby Bourton on the 20th of November is taking place from 8AM - 6PM at Kilkerley GAA club in Dundalk. We are looking for volunteers to assist with:

  • On the day registration
  • T-shirt Distribution

Following that evening, there is a tribute night at Callans Dundalk from 8pm - 10pm. If anyone is interested in assisting with raffle tickets and prizes, we would love to hear from you.

10th of December, 2021

A street collection is taking place in Dundalk on the 10th of December from 3PM - 7PM. We are currently looking for 10 volunteers to partake in the collection. Christmas hats are welcome.

If interested in the volunteer roles, please contact

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