Brothers of Charity Services South East: Volunteers

Brothers of Charity Services South East

The Brothers of Charity Services South East is a Limited Company whose administrative headquarters is based at Belmont Park, Ferrybank, Waterford. The Brothers of Charity Services are a ‘not for profit’ organisation funded through the Health Services Executive.

We are committed to supporting adults and children with an Intellectual Disability to claim their rightful place, as equal and valued citizens, in society. In doing so we offer a range of residential and/or day service options and supports in Waterford City and County, and in County Tipperary.

Vision and Mission

Our vision for the Brothers of Charity Services in the South East is to offer “a responsive service that facilitates and promotes each person’s choice and growth” and this guides us in our mission “to offer quality, person centred services which respond to persons with intellectual disabilities”.

The core values of our services have always been the dignity and humanity of each person. Our expression of these has evolved over time with our greater understanding of the rights of all people with a disability, with the changing hopes and expectations of the individuals and families with whom we work, and with the growing expertise of all associated with our services. We are committed to supporting persons with an intellectual disability to claim their rightful place in society as equal and valued citizens. Through support networks we facilitate each person to have wider opportunities for personal choice in their life.

Volunteer Participation and Opportunities

How much time would I need to give?

That is up to you – no amount of time is too short but commitment is desirable

How would I work as a Volunteer?

As a volunteer you will work alongside or be supported by professional staff of the Brothers of Charity Services to support a person with an Intellectual Disability in their daily life.

What do I get from Volunteering?

You will

  • make new friends
  • learn from others
  • help others to enjoy life
  • share in society’s work to include people who often, through no fault of their own, live their lives at the edges!
  • help by giving example and sharing your experiences with others.

What can I do as a Volunteer?

There are many different opportunities within the services. It very much depends on what you like to do and what time you have available. Volunteers are involved in things like

  • Becoming a friend to someone and doing things together e.g. cinema, walks, theatre, sports matches, bingo, shopping, holidays, short breaks, fishing and dancing. Opportunities are limitless and will be guided by the wishes of the person you support.
  • Sports – There is a wide range of sporting activities; you can help coach a sport or just support a person to access an event or activity. This also includes training for Special Olympics.
  • Citizen Advocacy - Supporting the person in making real life choices and helping him/her in realising those choices, supporting them in their negotiations with organisations, state bodies, family, staff, etc.
  • Drivers - driving to various outings and activities. A full clean driving licence is required

Interested? We can email you a volunteer application form -

Note: Under the Department of Health and Children’s guidelines, the Brothers of Charity Services are obliged to seek a check on Garda/Police Records before any staff member, volunteer or student can commence work in the service.

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