Dublin 12 Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force: Director

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Dublin 12 Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force

Director of Dublin 12 Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force.

Dublin 12 Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force are looking to increase their Directorship. If you have the required skillset, live in Dublin 12 and wish to have input into Drugs and Alcohol Task Force please contact Sharon.bradley2@hse.ie. A director automatically becomes a member of the boards Finance and Governance subgroup (F&G)

Please note that there is a blended approach to this position. Meetings will be held on-line and in person in the D12 area, we endeavour to ensure the role suits the needs of its members.

The following are the Duties of a Director:

  • Financial Responsibilities - The F&G will ensure that all money and resources are properly used, managed and accounted for. This includes the task force accounts and spending. All financial decisions are brought to the full board and welcome members involvement.
  • Supporting Staff and Volunteers - The F&G has full responsibility as an employer. This involves ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for staff (including volunteers, students etc.), and that staff are properly managed and supported. The board, represented by the chairperson, will line manage and ensure suitable supervision for the staff.
  • Accountability - The F&G will account for its spending and activities. The board is accountable to all key stakeholders such as funders and donors, and the target group. The F&G with the board monitors and evaluates all areas of the organisation’s performance.
  • Vision and Leadership - The F&G ensure that the TF company has robust policies and procedures in place and are reviewed in accordance with good governance and best practice.

General Duties for Directors

The general duties which directors owe to the company in the performance of their role include:

  • Compliance with legislation - Directors must ensure compliance by the company with the Companies Act. A breach of this duty will not invalidate any contract or agreement or affect its enforceability, other than by the director in breach. This is without prejudice to the principles of liability of a third party where he or she has been an accessory to a breach of duty or has knowingly received a benefit from such a breach.
  • Interests of members and employees - Directors must take into account the interests of the members of the company and have regard to the interests of the employees in the performance of their functions however it is worth noting that this duty is owed by the directors to the company, not to the members or employees.
  • Compliance statement - Directors are required to acknowledge the existence of their duties by signing a declaration to that effect in the form of a compliance statement. Directors of all public limited companies and of private companies which meet certain financial thresholds will be required to include a directors’ compliance statement in their directors’ report (or explain why not).
  • Appointment of company secretary - There is an obligation on directors to ensure that the company secretary is suitably qualified for the role. In appointing a company secretary, the directors shall have a duty to ensure that he or she has the skills necessary to enable him or her to maintain (or procure the maintenance of) the records of the company (other than accounting records) necessary under the Companies Act.

Commitment Time - The directors meets between 7 and 8 times per year prior to the full board meeting and it would expect that a board member would attend these meeting and participate. There are often follow up emails for information and decision and Directors are asked for input and sound decision making.

For more information and informal enquires – please contact Sharon Bradley at Sharon.bradley2@hse.ie by 12pm on the 22nd October 2021

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