Hunt Museum: Docents / volunteers


What is the Hunt Museum Collection?

The Hunt Museum preserves and exhibits the original artefacts gathered, over a lifetime, by John and Gertrude Hunt and known as the Hunt Collection. The Museum also displays its own collections, as well as visiting exhibitions of local, national and international significance with the overall aim of maximising their cultural and educational potential for the people of Limerick and Ireland.

What is a Docent?

The Hunt Museum Docents are a dynamic and motivated group. They are the front-line ambassadors of the museum and are active members of the community, who volunteer one morning or afternoon a week to engage visitors in learning primarily about our Collection.

Who makes a good Docent?

  • A person with an enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and working with people
  • A person who is passionate about History, Art and your Community
  • A person who can communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • A person with strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • And most importantly a person who enjoys telling and listening to a good story

What do our Docents do in the Museum?

  • Welcome visitors to the Hunt Museum
  • Give guided tours of the Hunt Collection
  • Work with children and adults on school programmes and outreach programmes
  • Assist with administrative and curatorial duties
  • Research the Hunt Collection

Why become a Docent?

Why Not?

  • You will get to meet others with similar interests
  • You will gain experience of working in a museum
  • You will develop your knowledge of history, archaeology and art history
  • You will be able to participate in outings to museums and galleries around the country
  • You will be able to attend exhibition openings, launches and parties
  • And help further your own research, with the prospect of future publication

This is what some of our current Docents say about Volunteering with us.

“Being a docent opens up a whole new world, you will find yourself doing things you never thought you could and enjoying it.  I recommend it.” - Mary O’Connor

“I like being a docent because I feel I’m involved in the running of one of the main attractions of my native city and an institution that is surely Ireland’s most important small museum.

Being a docent means being part of a very different world from my everyday one – a world of art and artists and history and the stories associated with many of the exhibits in the Hunt collection.

Being a docent also means meeting a wide range of visitors who, after a tour, will – I hope – remember Limerick and the Hunt Museum as well as they will the Cliffs of Moher and the Guinness Storehouse” - Mike Roycroft

“…It is part of my life journey where my ship is in a sea of friendship, knowledge, & education. Where the staff provide the rudders, and colleagues sails, in the best ambiance of all the museums I have visited to date…” - Lorraine McCarthy

For more information please contact: Sinéad Hutchison, Volunteer Coordinator :

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