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BeLonG To Youth Services

About BeLonG To Youth Services

BeLonG To Youth Services is the largest youth and community-based organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI+) people in Ireland. It was established as a national charity in 2003.

The charity’s vision is a world where LGBTI+ young people are equal, safe, and valued in the diversity of their identities and experiences. Its mission is to support LGBTI+ young people as equals to achieve our vision through youth work, changing attitudes, and research.

We suggest that before you complete your application form that you visit our website where you can view many aspects of our work including our annual impact reports.

The charity’s values as those of Inclusion, Integrity, and Respect in an environment of Honesty and Openness. Our purpose is to create a Welcoming, Supportive, Safe and Fun space for LGBTI+ young people. We are committed to Collaboration and Youth Participation. We believe in Solidarity and Intersectional Equality, and our work focuses on Human Rights and Social Justice. We are dedicated to Continuous Improvement in everything we do.

BeLonG To’s activity is grouped into five themed internal areas of work (Youth Work Matters, Building Safe Spaces, Empowering Allies, Campaigning for Change, and Organisational Development & Learning).

The Role of the Board of Trustees

The role of the Board of Trustees is to oversee the business of the Charity as per the Constitution. It is the organisation's policy body that sets checks and balances, and individually and collectively, it is the Board Members / Trustees that have ultimate responsibility for the organisation.

It is therefore committed to its policy making role within the context of a best practice model of good governance. There are two fundamental parts to the role of the Board of BeLonG To, firstly to lead and secondly, to control the organisation as follows:

  • Provide and build leadership
  • To set the mission and purpose of the organisation
  • To strengthen the image of the organisation
  • To strengthen the effectiveness of the Board and its appointed officers
  • To develop and monitor the implementation of the strategic plan in consultation with stakeholders including young people and staff
  • To secure the necessary resources for the effective implementation of the strategic plan
  • To meet all legal obligations placed on the organisation
  • To be accountable to other stakeholders (funders, members, young people, staff and the public) for their stewardship of the organisation
  • To support and monitor the performance of the CEO though an annual performance review
  • To support the CEO and the staff them in their roles in running the organisation on a day-to-day basis
  • To actively participate in advancing the mission of the organisation through sharing of expertise and network.

The Role of Individual Board Members / Trustees

Board Members should contribute appropriately and effectively at Board Meetings. No individual Board Member (including the Chairperson) should dominate debates or exercise an undue influence on decision-making.

Board Members should support the Chairperson in their efforts to conduct Board business in an efficient and effective manner. However, Board Members should not hesitate to challenge the Chairperson if they feel that a decision has been taken without a full and proper debate or is illegal or ultra vires.

Board members are expected to bring their resources and expertise to bear on the attainment of the organisation’s vision, advancement of its mission, while respecting the organisations values.

The Board Members:

  • may be asked to represent BeLonG To on committees, at events, or on State or other boards;
  • are required to publicly support the policy positions and services developed and provided by BeLonG To;
  • shall act as ambassadors for the organisation as required by the CEO or Chairperson;
  • may seek any support or advice from the CEO/ Staff team through the CEO and copying the Chairperson into that communication.

Please see Recruitment Pack Board Members attached below.

How to Apply

Please send your CV and a covering letter to This should state why you are interested in joining the Board of Trustees and what skills and experience you could bring to the Charity. Your covering letter should identify any conflicts of interest or loyalty that may arise if you were appointed to the Board of the Charity.

The closing date for applications is 12 noon on Monday 20th of September 2021.

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