Finglas Youth Resource Centre: Volunteers Needed

Join our Team and become a Volunteer in the Finglas Youth Resource Centre (FYRC)!



The community and voluntary sector is rooted in volunteerism. The time and unique qualities that each volunteer can bring to work with young people is invaluable.

Here in the FYRC we understand the value of what volunteers can bring to the service and the young people we work with. We stride to have volunteers who have a passion for giving back to young people and want to make a positive contribution to their lives and be part of a team that provides positive activities that is responsive to the needs and interests of the young people we work with. The FYRC work with all young people from the Finglas community aged 10 – 24 years through a various range of programmes and methods that are centred around the needs and interests of the young people that engage with us. Most of our work is carried out in a group setting but we also ensure that young people have opportunities to engage with the youth work team on a one-to-one basis.

How can volunteers support the work of the FYRC?

We are looking for volunteers who have an interest and desire to work alongside youth workers to empower young people from the Finglas community to reach their full potential. Having an active volunteer base can provide us as a service with greater opportunities to work with all young people from Finglas and provide a more diverse range of programmes for them. Our experience in the FYRC informs us that volunteers regardless of experience levels can bring many skills and qualities to the service as a whole such as:

  • Energy: We are looking for volunteers to bring added enthusiasm and passion to the service. This is beneficial to the youth workers and more importantly to the young people of whom you will be working with.
  • Creative: We all have creativity in us, some use different methods for displaying this creativity but having volunteers with us that are able to come up with new creative approaches to working with both the team and young people is of benefit to the service.
  • Skill set: We work with a diverse range of young people of whom have different needs and interests. You do not need a background in youth work to volunteer in the FYRC. Many individuals have particular skill sets that would be of benefit to the young people we work with. Examples of this could be guitar lessons, art, sport, woodwork, and music etc.

How can FYRC support Volunteers?

The Fyrc has been lucky to have had many positive experiences in having volunteers as part of our team over the years and have a real value for the contribution they have made to the young people we work with, our service and its delivery overall. If your motivation is simply to give back to young people or you are indeed looking to develop your knowledge, experience and skill set in relation to working with young people the following is what we are committed to offering volunteers that join our team:

  • Training: We are committed to supporting our volunteer base with adequate training that will be supportive to building you up to working with the young people of our service. This will be internal training delivered by our youth work team prior to engagement with our main centre activities. This training will be delivered in a group setting to all volunteers that work with us. Volunteers will also have access to other training opportunities that the youth work team will be engaging in, for example child safeguarding and first aid etc.
  • Time, commitment and Mentorship: We feel as a service that it is of upmost importance for volunteers to have regular support and we as a youth service are committed to ensuring that volunteers will have continuous guidance and support throughout their time as part of the FYRC.
  • Opportunities for growth: Through volunteering in the FYRC you will be joining a team of experienced youth workers of whom you will work alongside when you are with us. We as a service believe in the importance of practical experience and volunteers will have the support and guidance of the team to take ownership over the creation and delivery of particular activities that may fit your learning goals as an individual.
  • Opportunities to Travel and gain experience in Erasmus+ projects: As a service we go on many overnight residential trips throughout the country as part of our work with young people. We also engage in cross boarder projects and in Erasmus+ projects in which we have brought groups to many different countries across Europe in which our young people have had some incredible experiences as well as volunteers of whom have engaged in these projects.
  • Flexible: We are aware and understanding that volunteers have other commitments in their lives in which has an impact on the time they can give to the service. If you are volunteering with the FYRC it is of course important that you are committed but as a service we ensure that any decisions that are made regarding timetabling etc are done in partnership and catered around availability of the volunteer.
  • Valued member of the team: Volunteers play a vital role in the delivery of our service and are very much valued members of the team. Empowering volunteers to engage in the planning and delivery of programme content alongside youth workers and young people is central to the work we do as a service.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer in the Finglas Youth Resource Centre email our volunteer Co- Ordinator and we will send you on an application form as well as any other relevant information you require.

The closing date for applications is August 13th 2021.

Important to note also is that there will be induction training for all volunteers on Tuesday August 24th 2021 so save the date if possible.

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