Neighbourhood Network Community Time Machine: Community Organiser

Neighbourhood Network Community Time Machine

We’re looking for people who want to make a difference in their community.

We've teamed up with Meath County Council, Westmeath County Council, Monaghan County Council, Healthy Ireland and Creative Ireland to bring an artistic cross-generational community project to these areas and we want you to get involved! This is a great chance to create connections in your community and support two groups who have been heavily affected by months of lockdown- teenagers and seniors.

The Project

The idea of the project is quite simple- we want to get young people (between ages 12-18) to have a chat with a senior person over the phone, giving both people an opportunity to learn from each other and connect. Each teenager that takes part would then create something based on the conversation they had with their partner. That could be anything at all: a painting, a photograph, a poem- the sky's the limit!

The interview, creative response and a professional portrait of each senior participant will then go into a unique online digital book to mark this historic time and celebrate everyone involved.

The Role

A Community Organiser (that’s you!) will help to connect a small group of teenagers with senior members of the community via phone call, zoom or socially distanced meet-up. We'll send you everything you need for the project, including interview sheets and creative inspiration. We want your help to create this unique snapshot from a multi-generational point of view! You would be our point of contact for the project in your area.

Community Organiser Tasks:

  • Attends an online induction call.
  • Receives a pack and information guide containing the necessary resources for their community project.
  • Recruits interviewers and interviewees (using the training and resources provided by Neighbourhood Network and their own community ties).
  • Liaises between the interviewers and interviewees to organise the interviews (when necessary).
  • Liaises with Neighbourhood Network’s project coordinators for training, support and project updates.
  • Collects the finished interviews and creative aspects and returns them to the Project Coordinator.
  • Liaises with coordinators to organise the portrait photographer re: interviewee addresses and suitable times.

Why get involved?

This is a brilliant way to connect your community by offering powerful social experiences for both young and older generations alike, helping to ignite a sense of purpose and combat isolation. Our previous Wicklow Time Machine has shown us some incredible moments of joy and really highlighted the power of connection.

Whether you're a teacher or youth worker, or you simply have a passion for community- this project is for you.

Get in touch!

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