VSI: Online Volunteering Opportunities - Environmentally Aware - online projects with SEEDS Iceland

Project: Environmentally Aware - online projects with SEEDS Iceland

Number of volunteers needed: 2 (per project)

Virtual environmental projects organised by the VSI partner organisation SEEDS in Iceland, will take place in March 2021. SEEDS project coordinators will create opportunities for volunteers to focus on different current environmental and sustainability issues through a selection of workshops and activities online. One of the aims is to help create more environmentally aware consumers & travellers.

During this project volunteers will learn about global & local environmental topics such as: climate change, waste management, sustainable solutions & other environmental topics. The topics explored in the sessions are decided based on the interests and experiences of the participants and project leaders. There will be two to three different sessions each day.

The sessions they offer can include:

1. Workshops;

  • everyday eco-friendly habits
  • plant-based and vegetarian cooking & baking classes
  • eco-friendly cleaning products
  • DIY selfcare products
  • conscious consumerism
  • repurposing old items

2. Presentations;

  • introduction to Iceland and environmental issues in Iceland
  • environmental impact of tourism and slow-travel tips
  • environmental impact of fast fashion and upcycling tips
  • climate science and engaging with climate deniers
  • permaculture and urban agriculture

3. Other;

  • fun environmental quiz
  • interesting environmental documentaries

Time Commitment Required:

There will be maximum of three hours of gathering together on Zoom every day of the project (except one ‘Zoom free’ weekend day) and one small daily challenge that volunteers can complete in their own time. The times for the zoom sessions will be finalised closer to the start of the project and will be agreed between participants to accommodate all participants’ time zones. In this case, it is recommended to be time flexible if joining the project.

Volunteers must attend at least 80% of the activities and complete the required assignments in order to receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the project. 

This is a learning/sharing project, so the project organisers encourage everyone to share their knowledge and ideas and participate actively in this learning process.

Availability - Project dates:

Project A: everyday from 16 to 25 March 2021
Project B: everyday from
30 March - 08 April 2021
Project C: everyday from
13 April - 22 April 2021
Project D: everyday from
27 April - 06 May 2021

What you will need

You need a laptop (smartphones or tablets won't work) and a good internet connection that works with video calls.

* No required skills or prior knowledge.
* NOTE: English; conversational skills are required. 

PLEASE NOTE: You need to be a member of VSI to participate in this project. If you’re not yet a member, it’s easy to sign up - you can read more about membership here, complete the membership form, and pay the membership fee on this link (€20 for unwaged individuals, €40 for waged individuals). 

You'll need to send a motivation letter (just a short paragraph) to ivp@vsi.ie stating why you are interested in joining the project.

Finally, you'll need to fill out the application form below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSda5s5tgH1EWNZauxjJE6fUQXzMmDVE_1-gUrOSewDFkgI4og/viewform

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