Dublin 12 Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force: Board Member – Community Representative

Dublin 12 Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force

Board Member – Community Representative.

Dublin 12 Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force are looking to increase their community representatives. If you live in the Dublin 12 area and would like to have an input into Drugs and Alcohol Task Force please contact Sharon.bradley2@hse.ie

The role of a board member includes:

  • Financial Awareness: The members of the board will be aware of financial decisions and can challenge the F&G group if necessary.
  • Supporting Staff and Volunteers; Board members will be aware of their role as employers, however HR issues are dealt with but the F&G group and only brought to the board for awareness.
  • Accountability - The board is accountable to all key stakeholders such as funders and donors, and the target group. The board monitors and evaluates all areas of the organisation’s performance.
  • Vision and Leadership - The board will review and ensure the relevance of its strategic plan and the company policies and the organisational activities. The board are also responsible for deciding on the strategic plan and its aims and goals.
  • Code of Conduct for Members - Board members are bound by an overriding duty, individually and as a group, to act reasonably at all times in the interests of the organisation and of its present and future beneficiaries.

All board members are equally responsible in law for the board’s actions and decisions, and have equal status as members of the board. At all times the board acts collectively, even if an individual does not agree with the majority decision.

The chairperson has the right to call a vote, although this would be only exercised where usual consensus decision-making processes have not been successful.

The board gives the authority to operate the business of the company and this individual is accountable for, and reports to, the board on day-to-day operations and performance. By reading this document and agreeing to participate at board level, all members agree to:

  • Understand their role and responsibilities.
  • Know and support the mission of the organisation
  • Uphold the values, aims and objectives of the organisation
  • Give adequate time and energy to the duties of being a board member
  • Prepare for meetings in advance
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Offer informed and impartial guidance
  • Participate in committees and special events where possible
  • Support the, while monitoring their conduct
  • Present their views on all topics and listen to those of other members
  • Act with integrity, and avoid or declare personal conflicts of interest

Commitment Time - The board meets between 7 and 8 times per year and it would expect that a board member would attend these meeting and participate. There are follow up information emails that board members are asked for input.

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11th Feb, 2021
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