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Clonakilty Community Resource Centre

Clonakilty Community Resource Centre NEEDS YOU!!!

Clonakilty Community Resource Centre, a volunteer led programme, opened in November 2018. Providing a friendly drop in and workshops one morning a week using the space of the West Cork Travellers Centre. A variety of individuals and groups from the Community attend including Cope, Co-Action, members of the Travelling Community, Asylum Seekers, the Irish Wheelchair Association, Students of the National Learning Network, Post Primary School Students and the wider community of Clonakilty. Clonakilty Wellness Month are a sub-committee who have over the last number of years facilitated events in the month of May around Health and Wellbeing.

Whilst this service, like many others, has not been open since March 2020 we are looking forward to when we will be open again. As a part of Cork Mental Health Foundation, a charity that provides housing to people experiencing mental health problems and education on positive wellbeing in schools and in the community, under whose governance we operate, we are working toward moving into a building of our own. This will provide us with the opportunity to expand and develop the services offered in our community.

To support us in this great opportunity we are seeking to strengthen our Committee so we are best placed for success.

What’s in it for you? / What can you expect?

  • Making a difference in the community for the people using the Centre
  • Use your skills where they are really needed
  • Meet new people
  • Help support the work of the volunteers
  • Contribute to decision making processes involved in the development of the project

What’s in it for us? / What can we expect?

  • Your skills & enthusiasm
  • New ideas for the project
  • Your attendance at monthly meetings
  • Raising awareness of project in the local community

Some of the skills we are looking for:

  • I.T, Social Media, Minute-taking, Fundraising, Marketing, Enthusiasm, Commitment etc.


Cork Mental Health Foundation

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1st Feb, 2021
Clonakilty, Co Cork
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1st Apr, 2021