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National Deaf Village Sports & Leisure Company


National Deaf Village Sports & Leisure Company Ltd (NDVSLC) is a subsidiary company of the Catholic Institute for Deaf People (CIDP), based in the Deaf Village, Navan Road, Cabra. Through this subsidiary company, as part of CIDP’s wider support to the Deaf community, NDVSLC operates a sports and leisure complex known as Inspire Fitness and Leisure. Inspire business operations are managed through an expert contract under oversight of the NDVSLC Board.

For the past two years there has been active dialogue between CIDP and Deaf Village Ireland Ltd (DVI), the company which manages the Deaf Village, about the transfer of control of the subsidiary company, NDVSLC, to DVI to allow Inspire to be more directly driven by the Deaf community. A working group is overseeing this and board membership of NDVSLC has been changed to reflect the interests of all parties involved as well as to ensure independent representation and external experience.

In these challenging times the leisure complex like many other service businesses has come under significant pressure as a result of Covid 19. The company has been actively working through this with plans to sustain the business. Our current Chairperson has come to the end of their tenure on the board. In line with good governance and seeking to continue to develop Inspire, we are now looking for a suitably skilled person to take on the role of Chairperson to lead NDVSLC, including in particular Inspire, as we work through the current challenges facing the business and the opportunities for medium and long term sustainability. A fuller description of the role is provided below.

The Role – Chairperson, National Deaf Village Sports & Leisure Company Ltd

The chairperson will lead the definition and planning of a new strategy that not only sees the business come through the impacts of Covid 19 but also facilitates progressive movement towards the transfer of control as referred to above, meeting the interests of CIDP and DVI and ensuring that the business and associated assets are protected.

The role involves overseeing that the organisation is effectively run by:

  • Leading the Board and the organisation to fulfil its mission agreeing the strategic plan and implementation to maintain a viable business that delivers value to the Deaf community as well as providing a centre of excellence for the wider community within D7.
  • Acting as a spokesperson for NDVSLC and maintaining strong links with the parent company by sitting on the board of CIDP (or at a minimum reporting to the board on a regular basis).
  • Ensuring that the Board functions in line with legislation, compliance requirements and the company’s governing documents while also ensuring the board individually and collectively operates to the highest standards and performance.
  • Ensuring an effective relationship between the Board and all relevant stakeholders including the staff in Inspire; the parent company; DVI and the wider community both Deaf & hearing as well as other relevant external stakeholders
  • Supervising and supporting the Manager of Inspire with a preference for a minimum of monthly review meetings to ensure appropriate controls and checks are in place
  • Overseeing decisions on any major funding applications and ensuring effective oversight of delegated decisions
  • Ensuring the Board is engaged in and aware of key issues and opportunities which impact the work of NDVSLC and Inspire

The Person


  • Knowledge and understanding of the Sports & leisure industry with experience of critical decision making and an ability to think, plan strategically and drive change
  • An appropriate understanding of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector in Ireland and the ability to engage with senior stakeholders
  • Extensive experience of operating as a non-executive, and ability to operate as a Chair
  • First class communication and inter-personal skills with the ability to challenge constructively
  • A commitment to improve diversity and inclusion
  • A commitment to develop knowledge of the Deaf community and of Irish Sign Language – please note that all board meetings (which involve Deaf and hearing board members) are conducted through interpreters
  • Ability to ensure that decisions are taken and followed through to completion
  • Experience of organisation and people management
  • Ability to communicate effectively the vision and role of the organisation
  • Ability to challenge constructively and accept challenge where appropriate
  • Knowledge of the Charity Regulators Governance Code and requirements of same


  • Ability to communicate through Irish Sign language

Time Commitment

The Board meets 6 times a year with an AGM usually around July. Meetings take place in Deaf Village Ireland whose address is Ratoath Road, Cabra. Currently the majority of meetings take place by zoom.

Board and Committee members also provide informal support and advice to the manager of Inspire drawing on their specific expertise.

Board meetings usually last two hours and on top of this one to one meeting with the Inspire manager may take another 2-3 hours per month.

In the current climate board meetings and meetings between the chairperson and the manager are more frequent as is necessitated by the challenges arising from Covid 19 and the economic impacts on the business.


As this operation falls under CIDP which is a not for profit organisation the position is not remunerated. However, out of pocket expenses will be covered as agreed in line with revenue guidelines.

Length of Appointment

The appointment is for an initial period of three years, with an option to review for a second term. Please note that the Constitution of the organisation will be reviewed once we are through the challenges of Covid 19 and have better vision on the future relationship between CIDP and DVI regarding control of the subsidiary.

Committee meetings

Currently the NDVSLC does not have any sub committees and it will be part of the role of the incoming chair to define these and agree appropriate terms of reference. In the interim the finances of NDVSLC are reviewed by the parent company’s Finance, Audit & Risk committee at which the chair of NDVSLC & the manager of Inspire both attend.

Expressions of Interest

If you are interested in this role, please make contact in the first instance including your CV and relevant experience to:

Keith Adams

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24th Nov, 2020
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24th Jan, 2021