SPADE Enterprise Centre: Volunteer Board Members



SPADE ( opened in 1990 and is a community-based enterprise centre whose main objective is to assist local people to successfully set up their own business. Income is derived from licensing each of the 40 units at affordable rates to start-up businesses. All units are occupied contributing to 155 sustainable jobs and there are 14 own door food units. SPADE has been self-sustainable for a number of years and does not rely on any donations or grants.

SPADE is seeking to enhance the skill sets at Board level. These are volunteer positions – there are currently two persons employed directly by SPADE who assist the Board in managing SPADE.

Director / Trustee with experience in Facilities and Health and Safety Management

SPADE is looking for a volunteer Director / Trustee with skillsets in the areas of Facilities Management and Health and Safety Management.

Director / Trustee with Experience in Food Industry

SPADE provides kitchen / food units for rent at a low rate. In addition, SPADE is about to seek planning permission for the development of a Shared Kitchen Incubator. Experience in this area of food preparation, presentation, marketing, and development is sought. The position is voluntary and recruitment is subject to Board approval.

Director / Trustee with skills in Financial Management

SPADE is looking for an individual to volunteer for Board membership, subject to Board approval, with management skills in Financial Control / Management.

If you are interested in putting yourself forward for any of these voluntary (unpaid) positions please write to the Chairman of SPADE at with your details and why you are interested in joining us.

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1st Oct, 2020
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1st Dec, 2020