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YMCA Ireland

YMCA Ireland are currently recruiting a full-time volunteer youth and children’s worker to join our family support team. The position is funded by Leargas, under the European Solidarity Corp programme. This is an in-country placement, and we are seeking an Irish volunteer.

Volunteer Job Title: Youth and Children’s Worker

Locations: Cobh, Blarney, Ballincollig, Cork City

Hours: This is a full time post of 35 hours per week from September 15th  2020 to July 31st 2021. Hours of work will typically include afternoon and evening hours. Occasionally weekend volunteer work will be required for family events. The volunteer will be eligible to take 20 days of annual leave in agreement with their supervisor.

Remuneration: This is a voluntary position funded by the European Solidarity Corp.  The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance of €175.00 and a monthly contribution of €600.00 towards their accommodation and food costs. All travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Training and support: The volunteer will receive training for their position from the YMCA. They will also receive two residential trainings from Leargas to support the volunteering experience. These trainings typically take place in Dublin and include volunteers from around Europe. All expenses for the training are covered. The volunteer will receive regular support and supervision sessions with their supervisor and will also be appointed a mentor.

Volunteer job overview: This post involves supporting the planning, and delivery of projects in Cobh, Ballincollig, Blarney, and Cork city. The volunteer will have a diverse experience of working with children and teenagers using a variety of methods across a range of YMCA projects.

Eligibility: The successful candidate will meet the following criteria:

  • Be between the ages of 18-30
  • Have an interest in working with children, and teenagers 
  • Be motivated by the principles of the European solidarity corp, including a desire to support people who are on the margins of society, and an interest in developing an inclusive sense of European identity and belonging. 
  • Must not have previously taken part in a European Solidarity Corp project
  • Demonstrate dependability and the ability to work to their own initiative
  • Skills in at least one of the following areas is an asset: Arts and Crafts, Exercise/movement/sports, Drama, Music, STEM activities, and/ or Cooking.
  • Ability to get along well with others, including communication and team-working skills. 
  • The volunteer must make a commitment to remain with the project for the entire duration. 

Responsibilities of the Position:

Overview of the European Solidarity Corp Volunteering project:
The volunteer will be involved with a range of YMCA activities including the following.

  • The family support project which includes the following programmes: Parents And Kids Together, The Bridge, and The Teen group. The following activities take place:
    • 9 weekly group sessions for children and teenagers, supporting their social and personal development while promoting the values of active citizenship. 
    • One to one sessions for children who are struggling in school and are at risk of social exclusion.
    • Parent support sessions, both in groups and individually.
    • Family events that draw together participants from diverse backgrounds to build trust, solidarity, and social capital. 
    • Operates in Cobh, Ballincollig and Blarney
  • The Groundfloor project 
    • A non-formal, youth-led space for teenagers
    • Activities can include conversation, food, leadership development and music
    • Operates in Cork City
  • July
    • For the month of July, the structure of the volunteer work will change. We aim to provide fun summer activities for children and teenagers over this month that the volunteer will be involved in from the planning to delivery stage.

The main tasks include:

  • Working alongside a staff member to run weekly groups for children and teenagers, including preparation, programme delivery, debriefing, and cleaning up. 
  • Helping participants who are struggling to integrate into groups. 
  • Supporting staff who are conducting one to one sessions by helping to  prepare materials, and potentially joining if appropriate
  • Taking part in group sessions for parents
  • Helping to plan and implement family events
  • Taking part in team meetings and contributing to reflective learning
  • Helping to recruit participants by assisting in making and distributing leaflets, visiting schools, talking to community groups, etc
  • Helping to plan activities for children and young people, including researching ideas for sessions, developing projects based on young people’s interests, preparing materials.
  • Reviewing sessions - helping to take attendance and to reflect on the outcomes of each session and record these online
  • Overseeing the activity budget for the children and young people’s groups, including buying snacks and materials and accurately recording the information
  • Documenting your experience using a social media platform to share your learning. Other methods of sharing learning can be discussed with the volunteer. 
  • Meeting with youth groups to disseminate learning about the European solidarity corp (towards the end of the project)
  • There is also the opportunity for the volunteer to make suggestions and to share their own ideas about what they might like to contribute to the project. 
  • Any other duties that arise as agreed to with the supervisor

Apply using the volunteer application form only. Interviews will take place in June for the position. 

Closing date for receipt of application forms is June 2nd, 2020

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