European Movement Ireland: Board Member

Have you a passion for Europe? Are you interested in Irish – EU affairs?

European Movement Ireland (EMI) is recruiting new Directors to join its Board and help us to advance our vision. This is an exciting time to join the board as we head into a new strategic plan which involves setting an ambitious vision for the organisation.

Therefore, we are currently looking for motivated and committed individuals with a passion for Europe and Ireland in Europe.

We are seeking applications from people who:

  • Would like to join a not for profit for impact organisation working to ensure that Ireland continues to stay connected and at the very heart of Europe
  • Have a passion and interest in Irish – EU Affairs
  • Is ambitious for growing and developing European Movement Ireland as an organisation
  • Has a natural affinity for cultivating relationships
  • Can create and maintain connections with a broad range of stakeholders

Although not essential, we are particularly interested in individuals with experience or skillsets in in the following key areas:

  • Legal expertise
  • Senior HR Management
  • Business Development
  • Fundraising & Philanthropy

EM Ireland values inclusion and diversity as outlined in our EDI policy.

We strongly encourage people of all backgrounds, skills, gender identities and ethnicities to apply, particularly those who are under-represented.

About European Movement Ireland

EMI’s purpose is to build a pro-EU public movement so that Ireland continues to contribute to shaping and sustaining a peaceful, progressive, democratic EU with economic and social benefits for all.
Our goal is to build a resolutely European Ireland, with a committed public that is supportive, engaged and empowered to participate in European matters.
Our vision is of an Ireland that contributes to making the EU fairer and better; an Ireland that recognises that a well-functioning EU is good for all and an Ireland that fulfils its commitments and collaborates with its EU partners for the common good. Ireland is a strong, respected voice, an active contributor and a shining light that is a model for others.
Learn more about what we do by visiting Home Page | European Movement Ireland (EM Ireland) and following us across our social media platforms: X | LinkedIn | Instagram | TikTok

The Role of the Board

The purpose of the Board of EMI is to ensure the company is governed in accordance with the highest standards of integrity and accountability and that the organisation is managed correctly.

The Board provides direction and guidance and oversees the organisation by:

  • Defining the vision, mission and values of the organisation
  • Setting out the long-term Strategic Plan
  • Establishing policies and procedures to ensure good governance
  • Developing a risk management strategy to protect the organisation

Overseeing the use of the financial and other resources of the organisation to meet its goals and objectives and to ensure its long-term sustainability.

Responsibilities of Directors

All Directors have a responsibility to:

  • Act in accordance with the organisation’s Constitution
  • Act in good faith for the best interests of the organisation
  • Assist the Chairperson, CEO and any committees as appropriate
  • Ensure that all regulatory and statutory requirements are complied with
  • Regularly attend Board and relevant subcommittee meetings

Composition of the Board

There are currently eight Directors of the Board of EMI. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a member of the Board and at times, members of the Senior Leadership Team will attend Board meetings to provide updates on activities and finances.

Structure and Number of Board Meetings

The Board will meet when needed and no less than four times per annum. Generally, no Board meetings are held during the summer months.
Provisional dates for meetings will be set out per calendar year. Meetings will be confirmed two weeks in advance and are generally held in person, onsite in EMI offices, 8 Lower Fitzwilliam St., Dublin 2 at 5pm lasting up to 2 hours duration.
The minimum number of members of the Board of Directors who must be present at any of its meetings in order to make valid the proceedings of that meeting i.e., a quorum – is four.

Committees of the Board

There are currently 3 sub-committees of the board as follows:

1. Board Audit, Finance and Risk Committee
2. Board Nominations Committee
3. Employee Relations Committee

Ad Hoc Committees are occasionally convened to fulfil a specific and additional need of the organisation that are additional to the purpose and function of its regular standing committees as listed above.

Some examples of EMI’s ad hoc committees include:

  • Strategy
  • Membership and Business Development

Their purpose is limited and fixed term. Board members participate and volunteer on a number of committees.

Board Expenses

Board membership of European Movement Ireland is a voluntary position and no remuneration is paid. Directors are entitled to reimbursement of vouched expenses for travel to or from any meetings related to their duties as a director.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying to European Movement Ireland for a Board position, please send your CV/Bio and a brief letter of interest for the attention of the Chair of the organisation, Julie Sinnamon by email
Your cover letter should outline your motivations and interest in EMI as well as your skills and experience you would like to highlight.

The closing date for applications is Sunday 7 July 2024.

The Recruitment Process

Following a review of all the expressions of interests received, a shortlist of candidates will be created, based on the criteria set out at the beginning of this document. Arrangements will be made for members of the Board Nominations Sub-Committee and the Chair to meet with potential candidates. The meetings will provide an opportunity to:

  • introduce EM Ireland and explain the specific requirements of the role and the value of Board membership
  • invite the candidate to describe their experience
  • allow candidates to express what attracts them to the role and to expand upon their expectations of the role and what they hope to contribute to EMI

For more information and to learn more about the work of European Movement Ireland, visit our website.

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