Peter Kelly - Addiction Training, Therapy & Supervision: Spring Training Events 2023

Peter Kelly

Spring Training Events 2023

Events Description

Peter Kelly: Addiction Training, Therapy & Supervision is pleased to offer 4 Training events from March 2023 to May 2023. These workshops will cover a broad range of areas in the addiction field from subjects such as Motivational Interviewing, Groupwork the psychodynamics of addiction to the pharmacology of addiction. The aims of the workshops are to equip and empower participants with the requisite skills, knowledge, and theory base to respond more effectively to the issues of drug use and addiction. The workshops are for anyone with a serious interest around substance use and who interacts in either a paid or voluntary capacity with people who may have addiction problems. CPD points are provided for attendees.


Mr Peter Kelly
MSc Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
EMDR Practitioner

Schedule 29th March 2023—4th May 2023

The Carmelite Center
56 Aungier St
Dublin 2

Certificates of Attendance are awarded

How to Apply

Course application forms are attached to this advertisement, and can also be obtained by contacting Peter Kelly at 085-743-8629 or via email at

More Information For further information and application forms please contact Peter Kelly at 085-743-8629 or at

Spring Training Events 2023

  1. 2 × day training in Motivational Interviewing: 29th March 2023 & 30th March 2023
    10 a.m.—4 p.m. Cost: €180: Closing Date: Thursday 23rd March 2023.
  2. 2 × day Group Work: 12th April 2023 & 13th April 2023. 10 a.m.—4 p.m. Cost: €180: Closing Date: Thursday 6th April 2023.
  3.  ½ × day Psychodynamics of Addiction Workshop: 27th April 2023.
    10 a.m.—1 p.m. Cost: €90.00. Closing Date: Thursday 20th April 2023.
  4. ½ × day Pharmacology of Addiction: 4th May 2023. 10 a.m.—1 p.m.
    Cost: €90.00. Closing Date: Thursday April 2023.


Mr Peter Kelly MSc psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Advanced Diploma in Supervision, B.Ph. Philosophy, Dip Social Studies, M.I. Trainer, Reality Therapy Certified, EMDR practitioner works in the area of addiction and substance misuse and has been involved in the provision of both drug counselling and drug education for the past twenty-five years. His clinical background is psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and he is an accredited member of both the A.C.I. (Addiction Counsellors of Ireland) and the Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Ireland (A.P.P.I.). Peter is also trained in Motivational Approaches to problem drug use, and his areas of interest include both the role of the unconscious in addiction and how people manage and overcome addictive cycles. Peter Kelly: Addiction Training, Therapy & Supervision 2023

Events Objectives

  • Have gained a good understanding of Motivational Interviewing, its theoretical un-derpinnings, influence, and development. Will have achieved a level of competency in the core skills and be able to begin, maintain, and conclude a helping intervention
  • Will have developed a proficiency in the areas of reflective listening, dealing with resistance/ambivalence, the development of discrepancy, promoting client self-ef-ficacy, engaging, focusing, evoking, and planning.
  • Appreciate the efficacy of group work as a treatment modality in terms of both strengths and challenges and be able to distinguish between process and task, styles of facilitation, and stages of group development.
  • Recognise the therapeutic factors that make for a good group experience, the shaping of a helpful group culture, and the necessary decisions that are important when forming a group.
  • Be more attuned to the role of transference and transparency in groups, authority and power, and how to engage these dynamics in terms of managing conflict and hostility in groups.
  • Have an appreciation of psychodynamic perspectives and be able to reflect on the role of unconscious processes in addiction.
  • An understanding of the different categories of drugs and their effects, from sedatives/de-pressants to stimulants, to hallucinogens, and their utility in terms of routes of admission, tolerance, and withdrawals.

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