Become Professionally Qualified as a Forensic Test User with SxD’s Final 2022 training

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Registration is now open for training in the new British Psychological Society qualification of Forensic Test User. This professional, internationally recognised credential evidences your knowledge and skills in psychometric testing for forensic applications, such as those within prisons or other secure facilities. Psychometric testing specialists Selection by Design will deliver this course online: 30 Nov – 2 Dec 2022, with hours 13:00 - 17:30 (IST) each day.

Why train in Forensic Testing?

Our Forensic Test User training provides the critical knowledge and practical competencies needed for work with psychometric measures of personality disorders, mental health, and risk assessment. Learn to interpret test results, and to make decisions based on testing in forensic contexts. Training spans the processes of administering forensic tests through developing results reports.

Who is Forensic Test User training for?

  • Professionals working in forensic contexts, such as prisons, secure hospitals, court or probation services where risk of reoffending is assessed.
  • Students and researchers in areas such as clinical or forensic psychology, criminology, mental health, and risk assessment.
  • Anyone who would benefit from holding the BPS internationally recognised, professional credentials in forensic testing.

Unique features of Selection by Design’s Forensic Test Training:

  • Course provided by a team of highly experienced and uniquely qualified Chartered Psychologists/BPS Forensic Testing Verifiers from Ireland and the UK.
  • Limited course enrolment means high-level personal attention and opportunities for interaction.
  • Unparalleled post-course support!

Rates and Registration

  • Test User: Forensic €1750
  • Student discount rate €1150

Register at https:

Find out more at our website:
Call: (+353) 01 653 2135

Registration deadline: 27 Nov 2022. Early enrolment for this popular course is highly recommended!

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